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How to Transfer Mac Outlook Data to Thunderbird? Method to Convert Mac OLM to MBOX

Transfer Outlook data to Thunderbird

“Hello, I use Mac Outlook as my email client & after using it for a while I understand that it is not much user-friendly as other email clients. Now, I am looking for a method to transfer Outlook data to Thunderbird. I have read about it and heard very good reviews about that email client. Please if anyone knows the method to convert OLM to Thunderbird MBOX file format, then please let me know. Thanks!!”


Microsoft had launched various applications in Microsoft Office Suite & Outlook is one of them. After some time Microsoft improved the Outlook’s features, flexible nature of the email client, usage, functionality, email managing performance, etc. Mac version of Outlook is also launched, so now users of both these Operating Systems, MS Windows, and Mac, gain benefits for maintaining their emails. That’s not just limited to organizing mail messages; but this is also providing facilities for managing contacts, calendars, notes, etc. Both these email client editions have enhanced features as well as greater attributes, but the difference vastly lies in database file storage format.
Now, below we are going to brief about why Thunderbird is considered as the best choice as compared to Mac Outlook and how to import Outlook data file to Thunderbird?.

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About OLM Format
Outlook (Windows) supports the file format, PST, to store entire mailbox’s data, like emails, calendars, contact details, notes, journal entries, etc. However, Mac Outlook 2011 uses the OLM file format to save all the email items.

Reasons to Transfer Outlook Data to Thunderbird

Outlook (Windows) gained much popularity all around the globe, and similar results were expected for Mac Outlook 2011. Though, initially, Mac users created their email accounts on this particular Outlook 2011 platform assuming it to be an improved like Windows Outlook’s version. Undoubtedly, Outlook Mac 2011 does have exceptional qualities, great features, amazing attributes, good functionality as well as awesome performance that can easily export Outlook for Mac to MBOX. Technical expertise is also mandatory for managing Outlook 2011 for Mac in an efficient way.

So, after experiencing complexity in work with Mac Outlook, some users started thinking to transfer Outlook data to Thunderbird. As Thunderbird is easier to operate email client & many of them make it as their first priority but there is no direct way for OLM to MBOX conversion in Outlook. It is only possible. The only possible way is to use SysTools Mac OLM Converter software that is designed to convert OLM file on Mac, MBOX and seven other formats. 

Thunderbird – A Preferred Choice

Mozilla Thunderbird is also an email client like Mac Outlook 2011. Users can use it easily for managing their mailing data. Also, Thunderbird is available in versions that support the different OS. So, many users do prefer to import Outlook data files to Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email client downloaded by many users in Mac, even being cross-platform in nature as it works in MS Windows OS, Mac OS, and as well as in Linux too. The reason for such deserved popularity is the ultra-simple user interface, some very useful features, which can only be availed in paid emailing applications only, some plugins available, and the very obvious fact of it being free. This is a strong reason why many users convert OLM to Thunderbird MBOX file format. Although, to export Outlook for Mac to MBOX could possibly sound tough, but with a great tool by your side, this can come easy. Also talking about conversion, Thunderbird stands apart.

Import Outlook Data File to Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird, as we have talked above, is a great emailing client, which is also very easy to use for the purpose of managing emails. But Thunderbird does not support the OLM file format of Mac Outlook 2011. So, for users, who have been using Mac Outlook cannot access their OLM file data straight away in Mozilla Thunderbird’s platform. So, most definitely, We need to convert OLM to Thunderbird MBOX file format. Users have to look for options to convert the file format to make these files compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird’s file-format, i.e. MBOX. Also, talking of other benefits, if a user migrates to this particular file format, then it instantly helps in expanding their email accessibility from various other platforms as well. MBOX format is universally supported file format by many email clients that are based on Mac OS X & Windows.

Professional Intervention Does Help!

Mostly, when manual techniques fail to import Outlook data files to Thunderbird, then commercial solutions like SysTools Mac OLM Converter comes to help. These tools have remarkable performances as they are developed by expert people, having ample experience in this domain, so they know the nitty-gritty’s of the process and develop the software accordingly to users desire expectations. It is mandatory that users choose a very smart tool to transfer Outlook Data to Thunderbird professionally, which is self-reliant to export Outlook for Mac to MBOX and enhance the chances of successful migration manifolds. So, while switching between these two email clients, users should check for some exceptional qualities the professional tool has on which they lay their hands on.

Concluding Words

The article explained how users can transfer Outlook data to Thunderbird with no exceptions that are usually encountered during mail migration. With no such troubles, like broken images that are embedded, Meta-data loss, and loss of other confidential information, etc. It can be easy to import Outlook data file to Thunderbird using a third-party tool like SysTools Mac OLM Converter, which helps the users in moving their emails in a professional manner.

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