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How to Extract MBOX File into Windows Outlook: Feasible Solution

Extract MBOX File into Windows Outlook

In today’s arena, there are so many email clients in the marketplace that provides different file formats. Though MBOX is one of the most widely used file formats being used by different email programs, including Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, Entourage, etc. These files contain all the mailbox items for a specific account. Moreover, it can use POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols to safeguard the email services. On the other hand, Outlook is the desktop-based email client used to save data in PST file format. Users regularly find the improvement and advancement in MS Outlook due to which users are opting to switch to Outlook application. Thus, in the following section, we are going to explain a trustworthy approach to let users understand how to extract MBOX file into Windows Outlook. Before that, let us consider the following user query that is taken from a forum site:

“I have been using Microsoft Outlook for the past five years. Recently, I tried to extract all my emails from MBOX to Outlook PST. But, I failed to extract all my messages from MBOX file. Please suggest me a smart and reliable solution to extract .mbox file into Windows Outlook.”

Reasons to Extract Email Messages From MBOX

It does not matter, which mail client will create these Thundrbird MBOX files. Here are following reasons for moving MBOX into Outlook for Windows. Such of them are mentioned below:

  • If users want to switch their company that uses Thunderbird or Apple Mail and the new company works on Microsoft Outlook. In that case, users need to convert .mbox files into Outlook .pst
  • The best part is that Outlook application supports all those advanced features which are required for organization.
  • Outlook provides the anti-spam feature to protect all spam emails, which is rarely offered by any other MBOX supporting email application.
  • It also renders password protection service for encoding mail items to prevent emails from hackers and other spammers.
  • MS Outlook provides the calendaring facility, which helps a user in making notes, managing events, tasks, etc.

A Smarter Way to Extract MBOX File into MS Outlook

To extract emails from MBOX file to PST format, there is a direct manual solution available. But, it has no gaurantee to provide a precise result thus, users start searching for an alternate solution. One such approach is MBOX Converter allows to extract attachments from MBOX file without any difficulty. It is an amazing utility that is designed especially to export multiple .mbox files into one single PST file. One can easily use this software as it provides an easy-to-use interface that even a non-technical user can also use it. Moreover, there is no need to install any supportive application to perform data extraction. Other special benefits of the tool are mentioned below:

Various Benefits of MBOX Converter Tool

  • Allows the user to extract attachments from .mbox file without any hassle
  • Transfer multiple MBOX files to different file formats i.e., NSF, PST, EML, etc
  • Provides facility to create separate or single Outlook data file for each MBOX
  • Automatically detect the desired location for configured mail client program
  • Recover MBOX emails along with attachments, even after permanent deletion
  • No need to install Microsoft Outlook to extract MBOX file to PST format
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows Operating system

Working Steps to Extract MBOX File to Outlook PST format

In order to convert MBOX to PST format using this tool, one needs to follow the given below steps:

  1. Firstly, download & install MBOX Converter on the local machine
  2. Then, Select “Add File” option if you want to add one or more .mbox file(s) with manual selection
  3. Now, choose the “supported email client” which is already installed on your desktop
  4. After selecting the configured mail program, choose the “Default Profile Configured” radio button and press “Next” button
  5. The process has configured email messages and then, this tool will automatically fetch data from the default location.
  6. Else, you can also fetch MBOX files from the particular location, by selecting “Select File/Folder System” option
  7. Choose the destination path, by clicking on Browse and select MBOX file then, “Open” button to continue
  8. Or you can use Folder mode to choose multiple MBOX files/folders at the same time. Next, choose a folder that contains .mbox files and press “OK”
  9. Now, select “Export All Folder” option to extract all the MBOX files at once
    • a) Export All Folder: This option permits to convert all the .mbox files at a time.
    • b) Export Selected Folders: This feature allows to convert the specific selected folders.
  10. Then, select the file format in which you need to export MBOX files
  11. By default, you can change the location by clicking on “Change Location” button
  12. After that, choose the destination location and press “OK” button
  13. Next, click on “Export” button to begin the export procedure successfully
  14. As the export procedure begins, you will receive the below window, showing all details as displayed as presented in the image
  15. In the last, export process gets completed successfully. Press “OK” button
  16. Bottom Line

    Many times, users must have to maintain the continuity of data extraction from MBOX to PST file. Even it is not an easy task to extract .mbox files and there is not a suitable solution to perform data migration in an absolute way. Therefore, to make it more easy and convenient for end users, we have suggested a trouble-free solution, i.e., MBOX Converter Tool. It is the best solution that extract multiple MBOX files to Outlook PST format without any hassle. Apart from this, we have explained the complete working steps of the tool along with its advanced feature.