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Top 3 Methods to Open Secure PDF Without Password

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PDF files are the most commonly used documents in many organizations for managing business documents, maintaining customer records or for sending important data. Because these files retain the document layout better than any other file format. Moreover, they can be secured with restrictions and password so that no one can misuse the file contents. But, sometimes users need to remove password or restrictions so that they can open secure PDF without password. Because entering the password every time is troublesome and time-consuming too. Therefore, considering all things here in this blog post we have discussed multiple solutions which help users to open protected PDF without password.

Why Users Need to Unsecure Password Protected PDF

There are various users who are in need to remove security password from Adobe PDF document. So let’s understand the issue more clearly by the user query :

“Recently, I have received the bank statement in PDF file format, whenever I used to open the document it prompts “xyz.pdf is protected. Please enter a Document Open Password”. It becomes a very time-consuming task to enter the password again and again in order to view PDF contents. Does anyone know a simple solution to unsecure PDF file permanently? Please suggest any trouble-free solution to solve this problem. Thanks in Advance.!!”

Instant Solution: If users want to remove permissions from PDF quickly, then they can take the help from SysTools PDF Unlocker Software.

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Different Solutions to Open Secure PDF Without Password

There are three solutions which help users to remove security password from Adobe PDF :

1- Google Chrome

2- Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

3- SysTools PDF File Unlocker

Use Google Chrome’s Print Option to Unsecure Password Protected PDF

As we know, it is hard to memorize a lot of passwords every time. Moreover, it is time-consuming too to enter it again and again for reading the documents. Therefore, to fix this problem one can use Google Chrome Print option to unsecure PDF file completely. Some useful steps are given below that helps users to open secure PDF without password:

1. First, drag any secured PDF file into Google Chrome

2. Now, enter the password of the file and hit Enter to view PDF document

3. After that, navigate towards File menu option in the Google Chrome

4. Now, choose the Print option

5. Finally, select the destination location where you want to save unsecured PDF file & click on the Save button

Note: After following the above steps, users can save the PDF file on the desktop without having any password security. One of the major drawbacks of this solution is that, if the print option is disabled or it is greyed out then, users cannot save the PDF. Therefore, it is necessary that PDF file should not be print restricted.

Reliable Approach to Open Secure PDF Without Password

Users can also take the help of another professional solution to unsecure password protected PDF document i.e. SysTools PDF Unlocker Software. This tool can easily unlock secured PDF files by removing password and restrictions. Any type of protection can be removed by the tool in just a few clicks. Moreover, to remove security password from Adobe PDF users have to enter the password and once it gets applied, the tool will create an unsecured PDF file which is free from the password. Apart from all this, this tool shows all the restrictions associated with the PDF document in the Before & After column and once the security is removed, the permission status got changed accordingly. Lastly, it is compatibility with Windows 10 and all below versions.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to Remove Security Password from Adobe PDF

Nowadays, everyone is using Adobe Reader to view PDF documents. But, to create and perform modifications in the document it is needed to have the paid software i.e. Adobe Acrobat Pro. With this program users can unsecure password protected PDF file by following these steps:

1- Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

2- Enter the password to view it.

3- Then, click on the lock icon present on the left side of the window

4- Click on the “Permission Details” option

5- Users can also click File > Properties and click the “Security” tab

6- After that, click the “Security Method” box, and choose “No Security” option

7- Hit the “OK” button

8- Click on the File > Save to save all the required changes

By following the above steps users can open secure PDF without password. But, these steps can’t be followed by using Adobe Reader. It is necessary to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro to perform this procedure.

Time to Conclude

Here, in this blog, we have described three solutions which help users to open secure PDF without password. All these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, users can select any of the methods to remove security password from Adobe PDF as per their requirement. But, if they want the fast and reliable solution then it is recommended to use the professional tool provided by SysTools.

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