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How to Recover Deleted Files from Kingston USB – Automated Solution

Written By Aswin Vijayan
Mack John
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Published On September 14th, 2021
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“Hello, all! I think I need your help right now. Actually, I have stored a lot of excel file related to official information on my Kingston USB flash drive. But yesterday I accidentally deleted some when I saw them on my laptop. I checked the recycle bin too but found nothing. Where are my files? Can I still see these deleted files? Can anyone tell me how to recover deleted files from Kingston USB? Help!! I need a detailed suggestion. Thank you in advance!”

Overview of Kingston USB drive

USB drive aka pen drive is the greatest portable storage invention. It is lightweight and carries large storage space more than enough to carry backup, favorite settings, applications, and run diagnostic for troubleshooting of system issues. Even launching OS via a bootable USB drive.

Kingston is the most favored brand for USB drives. Its advanced tech and high-quality delivery of products never disappointed its loyal users. But what happens if the user faces a file deletion issue it. In that critical scenario user ask a question that how to restore data from Kingston pen drive.

Why Deleted Files Are Not The Recycle Bin?

This is a frequently asked question from users. Because they believe Windows provide deleted files in recycle bin that is why not a USB drive.

Either Users choose a simple delete key or a combination of Shift + Delete. The data will be permanently deleted from the USB drive. Unlike hard drives inside the system, USB is not an internal device of the system. That’s why data deleted from a USB drive do not land in to recycle bin. Regardless of all USB advantages, this disadvantage bothers users a lot.

Tip – When you are deleting files from a USB drive, pay attention while selecting the files. And delete the files only if you are certain about it.

Reasons That Caused Deletion of Files from Kingston USB Drive

Some of the reasons why you can delete a USB drive are listed here:

Accidentally Deleted

This is the main reason for deleting a USB drive file. This was speeded up by sharing the defective drive.

Example: You tried to free up space on the drive to copy pictures and delete important files instead.

Unintended Format

Many users prefer to format files instead of manually deleting files from a flash drive. Skipping manually deletion is all about timeless savings. However, after formatting the drive, the user discovers that they have already deleted their important files.

Corrupted Kingston USB Drive

Eject the flash drive without selecting “Safely remove removable device”. Interrupting any in-progress transfer or copying process is also one of the main additive causes of damage to a USB drive and data on which actions are performing.

Infection with Malware and Viruses

Due to the portability of USB drive, it is more prone to catch virus and malware infections. By attaching to the various systems without knowing if they are infected or not. Also, downloads of apps from malicious sites will do the same.

Keep These Points Before Recovering Files

Immediately Stop Kingston Drive Use

Immediately stop using the flash drive when you notice that files have been deleted from the USB drive. This is necessary to prevent data from being overwritten. The new activity will replace deleted data.

Safely Remove the Drive

Properly remove the drive and keep it in a safe place away from high temperatures. Avoid rough operation as it can damage the device’s internal components as well.

Do not modify the data stored on the USB drive in any way. It will only complicate recovering deleted files. And increase the chances of overwriting of data.

Four Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Kingston USB Flash Drive

Step 1. Launch the USB Recovery Software on the Windows running system. Attach the Kingston USB drive and click on Refresh View to detect it on the homepage. download
Step 2. Select the Kingston USB and click on the Scan button. It will scan and recover RAW USB Drive automatically.  how to restore data from Kingston pen drive

Step 3. Select the recovered files you are keen to recover deleted photos from USB drive. And click on the Save button.

Tip – All the deleted files will be shown in the Red color for easy recognition.

Step 4. Next, choose the location to save the recovered corrupted video files from pen drive and click the OK tab. How to Recover Deleted Files from Kingston USB

Great job. You recovered deleted files successfully. Now know how to recover deleted files from Kingston USB drive in just four steps.

Concluding Thoughts

Users prefer the Kingston USB drive above all other brands. We discussed various reasons are out there that can delete files from it. How to recover deleted files from Kingston USB drive is the next thing that the user thinks of.

Unfortunately, no manual solution is available for the recovery of files from a USB drive. But we provided a complete solution to fix this issue and recovery files regardless of the reasons that caused deletion.