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CloudCodes Chromebook Security – Best Google Chromebook Protection App

CloudCodes Chromebook Security

Being a cloud security expert, it is my major responsibility to aware all Chromebook users about the best solution to secure Chromebook data. The name of this solution is CloudCodes Chromebook Security – a consolidated program designed to protect information stored on Google cloud. In today’s date, I am working with this application for safeguarding my business data that is accessed by employees through Chromebook. Completely based on my experience, I am sharing my personal thoughts for this products.

A New Discovery of Security Solution

Although Chromebook provides security to its end users, that is on the basis of network level, not on user level. In order to achieve protection at the user-level, enterprises look for security solution in the marketplace. Hardly there exist any cloud security product, which renders a modern way to fight against threats in Chromebook. I am talking about ‘modern way’ because having an older security set of solutions does not provide prevention against recent cyberattacks. Here comes the major role of CloudCodes!

CloudCodes Chromebook Security solution enables businesses around the world to gain 24*7 online data protection. It benefits its clients with different cloud security features like access controls, DLP policies, data visibility, etc. A hundred percent chance of protection at the business-level can be confidently ensured, after enforcing CloudCodes for Chromebook app. The solution allows its customers to acquire precautions to secure the Google Chromebook data. It appends a new security layer through the help of data loss protection standards for the implementation of depth visibility and data control. This approach is a package of solutions, offering all possible measures required to safeguard Chromebook data.

Best CloudCodes Chromebook Security Features

The core purpose of rendering DLP policies in CloudCodes solution is to detect, track, and immediately block sudden occurrence of data breach incidences. It is a trustworthy software and clients can rely on its data protection technology. CloudCodes solution appends data encryption all the time, independent from the fact whether the data is in rest mode or in transit state. As discussed in the earlier section, CloudCodes is a package of solutions, which you can address on its official site. Well, through this post I am going to give update about those features that I found amazing in this product. Now I can’t wait, let’s get start!

  • Imposing Data ControlCloudCodes Chromebook Security product benefits the customer by providing a smart way to control data access. It renders feature of device restriction, Time restriction, and IP Address restriction. All these are helpful from the perspective of securing business secretive data access on cloud.
  • Consumer Gmail Block – It is rarer to find a solution, which offers the functionality of blocking personal Gmail account usage. But, this feature is present in CloudCodes! This amazing option simply blocks the use of personal Gmail account on business Chromebook platform during the office hours.
  • Shadow IT Security – Before the use of CloudCodes for Chromebook Security, I never prefer using Shadow IT technology in my premises. The executives of CloudCodes motivated me to use Shadow IT for working flexibility and simultaneously, they ensured that they will provide security to core content stored on the cloud. In this scenario, I found that CloudCodes team does what it commits and also give customers the support, whenever required.
  • Keep An Eye on Data – It is not easy to achieve a solution, which offers real-time data visibility. Fortunately, this functionality is present in CloudCodes solution. It is possible for its customers to track the operations carried away in their workstation with each and every associated detail. If the solution found a symptom of threat occurrence, immediately it blocks unauthorized accessing of Google Drive services.

Words Might Be Less But, I Highly Appreciate the App

If I continue to proceed with delivering of good aspects for CloudCodes Chromebook security solution, it would seem as if I am writing a product page. But, what can I do because I am so much impressed with this solution that words are less for me. Still, through this review page, I expressed my feelings regarding this product and would recommend my blog readers to at least give it a trial. Alike Chromebook solution, I think that CloudCodes might be providing its smart security intelligence system for all other cloud services too.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.