Monday, February 26, 2024

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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder – A Complete Review with Alternative Tools 2024

Aswin Vijayan - February 23, 2024 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

In this prevailing age of digital advancement, capturing, downloading, or sharing information is never been so easy. But this results in the collection of duplicate files on your system if not managed effectively. Leaving not

How Critical Is Backing Up Google Account Data in 2024?

Aswin Vijayan - February 22, 2024 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Do you know why Google account backup is important in 2019? Let’s read and find the reasons for backing up Google account data daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

How to Add Comments to Secured PDF File? Expert Guide

Aswin Vijayan - February 21, 2024 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

PDF is an acronym that stands for Portable Document Format. The advantage of this type of document is that it can be viewed on any operating system and it is highly secured. The owner of

Solved: “Can’t Sign a PDF Document” Issue [2024 Guide]

Aswin Vijayan - February 21, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

User Query: Recently, one of my co-workers sent me some PDF files to which I have to add my signature. When I opened the file and tried to sign the PDF. I found that the

Enable PDF Copying and Printing Permissions: Updated Guide [2024]

Aswin Vijayan - February 20, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

With the continuous development of technology, the sharing of documents becomes easier and more prevalent. By applying security to PDF files, users can secure PDFs and control other user actions on the documents. One can

MacPaw Gemini 2 Review & Its Best Alternative – 2024

Aswin Vijayan - February 20, 2024 ~ 7 Minutes Reading

User review “I have a bundle of duplicate files spread across the corners of my Mac. I want to free up the space so that I can work efficiently. Also, these clogged-up identicals are slowing

Complete Guide to Unprotect Protected PDF Online [2024]

Aswin Vijayan - February 20, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

User Query: “Got PDF files from the client containing some important details. But, after some time, I realized that these documents are secure and I am unable to take a printout of them. So, I

“PDF File Cannot be Printed on Mac or Windows OS”: Issue Solved

Aswin Vijayan - February 19, 2024 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you among those users who are searching for the query – why PDF file cannot be printed? Then, no need to worry because here we have provided the best solution to resolve this issue

Unlock Encrypted PDF Without Password – Comprehensive Guide 2024

Aswin Vijayan - February 19, 2024 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Learn how to unlock encrypted PDF without password using Google Chrome or Safari web browsers and using professional software. Table of Contents Hide What’s the Difference Between the Two Encryption Techniques? Manual Method to Unlock

Can’t Delete PDF Pages in Preview – Here’s Why

Aswin Vijayan - February 18, 2024 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Table of Contents Hide Can’t Delete PDF Pages in Preview – Issue Solved Removes All PDF Restrictions On Mac OS What If You Want to Remove Pages from PDF on Mac and Store Them for