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Use Advance Google Cloud Security Measure i.e., G Suite Whitelist Domain

G Suite Whitelist Domain – Google Cloud Security

A G Suite whitelist domain is the procedure of defining domain names through which you want to allow email transferring. This process makes use of an email blocking system, which checks whether the domain is allowed to exchange messages or not. One of the popular examples for mail blocking system is Spam filters. By default, a spam folder is present in almost all email clients to prevent unsolicited emails from getting stored in the Inbox item folder. However, this Spam folder is not capable enough to deal with today’s Cyber-attack in the UK. It is so because hackers are coding the emails in such a smart manner that ‘Spam filters’ are unable to detect virus in them. They are cleverly programming the electronic mails due to which messages easily pass from basic Google Drive Security checkpoints. Spam system helps only in restricting few amounts of emails from residing into the Inbox folder.

Now What?? Don’t take the stress, we are having a solution to your problem! Google for business account customers can implement G Suite whitelist domain feature in their account. This feature is not activated in G Drive account; clients need to enable it on their own if required. It provides an advanced level of Google cloud security to its customers, enabling them to make the best use of cloud computing technology.

Who Is Responsible to Activate G Suite Whitelist Domain Feature?

Only super administrators of G Suite account can activate the Google whitelist domain feature in their account. The account will be the one whose credentials does not end with @gmail.com. Through this cloud protection measure, admin can enable its associated user accounts to work with Google organization apps outside the office network. For example – You are an employee in a well-reputed firm and on basis of your performance, you are allowed to share business documents with your coworkers. This sharing permission is permitted to you by your firm G Suite account admin via whitelisting operation in G Drive account.

Now Its Time to Implement Feature in Google Drive

There are two measures through which Google for business administrators can active G Suite whitelist domain feature in their firm – Manual and automated. Here, we are illustrating both of these measures and, whatever approach matches your business needs, you can go with that.

Measure #1: Update Security Settings in Google for Business

This includes the use of G Suite account where administrator will be responsible for making changes in security of his or her profile. Well, before jumping towards the implementation of Google Drive whitelist domain feature, first go through some important instruction:

  • Remember one thing that only 50 domains can be whitelisted through this process.
  • Whitelisted domain must end with any of the Google domain. Non-Google domains are unacceptable in this procedure because Google defines it as an unsecured network.
  • Subdomains and domain aliases are not included while whitelisting the domain. You need to impose policy for them separately, if required.
  • By default, this Google security feature is applicable for complete organizational unit. If needed, admin can activate or deactivate them as per the demand. A different whitelist is not developed for each OU.
  • The G Suite Whitelist domain feature is supported in G Drive and classrooms.

If you find that this procedure is suitable for you, begin with below-mentioned instructions:

  1. Login into your administrator account to launch its web console page
  2. Click on More Controls >> Domains
  3. Search for ‘Whitelisted external domain’ on the current page and click on it
  4. Type the name of desired domain, which you want to whitelist and then, click on Add
  5. At last, click on the Save button for updating Google cloud security settings

Measure #2: Use Automated Solution to Achieve 3-Step Solution

gControl solution is used to implement Google Drive whitelist domain feature in G Suite business account. It is an automated application that provides whitelisting domain as a product feature within it. A systematic and easy approach to impose whitelist policy in Google enterprise account is offered by gControl. Only three major steps need to be executed to enforce this Google cloud security measure:

  1. Open gControl software and click on Control >> Domain Whitelisting
  2. Hit on Add Policy button for redirecting on the policy page. Enter the policy title and give description in the respective field
  3. Activate the policy just after its creation by checking the checkbox of Enabled. On basis of your requirement, enter data in all the required field and finally, click on Save

There is no limit of domain numbers for whitelisting with this gControl method. Google-based and non-Google domains both can be assigned in the whitelisting feature through this automated solution.

That’s All For Today

G Suite whitelist domain feature is essential to be implemented in business account for prevention against Cyber-attacks in the UK. Enterprises need to tighten up their existing email security because things are of no use at basic level. Google whitelisting domain is one of the advance G Drive security practices to be safe from sudden data breach incidents.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.