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Convert ICON to APNG – Easiest Way to Change ICO to APNG File


Summary: The reasons why people want to convert ICON to APNG are explained here. You can also take a look at the methods available for the same operation and if there are any drawbacks. Moreover, the features of both ICON & APNG formats are given here. Let’s dive right into it. 

There are multiple computer icons stored in a user’s system which are essentially important for them. Yet, some users may want to change the format of the same image to avoid lossy compressions every time it is opened & saved.

This is why they prefer to change ICO to APNG file. Since the ICO/ICON format is an image format for icons in computers, the images cannot be kept safe from losing quality.

For that, you need to change the format to another format. ICO images are capable of storing one or more images of multiple small sizes.

Now, in cases like this, it becomes pretty hard to keep the quality maintained for even one image, let alone multiple images.

Thus, the solution for this conversion should be strong enough to handle bulk conversion.

Do We Have a Strong Technique to Convert ICON to APNG?

As a matter of fact, we do.

The most experienced and useful solution for converting the images is the Image Converter Software.


This tool is not a difficult one and all the techies as well as non-techies can use it without making any mistakes.

It provides an error-free procedure while converting images in bulk and keeps them secure throughout the process.

For a free method, it might be difficult to find one. If you are not looking for any trouble during the conversion, the software will always be at your service.

Change ICO to APNG File With the Software Quickly

Let’s start with the working steps:

1. Run the tool on any of your Windows OS machines & start the process. To do so, you have to click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option to insert the images.


2. After that, you have the option to choose the destination location as per your desire by clicking on the Change button.


3. In this step, the Export Formats list will appear and you have to choose the APNG format from the available ones.


4. Now, to convert ICON to APNG with a different size, choose the Resize Image This will allow you to change the sizes in the Set Width & Set Height sections as well.


5. Hit the Convert button to complete the procedure for conversion.


The software will complete the procedure in a small amount of time only.

Take a quick look at the features to change the images.

Why Do Experts Suggest Using Software to Convert Bulk Images? 

The following features are why experts prefer using the tool for converting the images:

  • Users can change ICO to APNG file in bulk with no losses faced
  • Exporting images to different formats like PDF, HTML, BMP, PNG, etc.
  • Convert pictures without losing any image-quality during the process
  • The tool provides a preview option to ensure the right images are added
  • Use the Move Up & Move Down options to change the order of images
  • Apply Remove or Remove All features to eliminate the wrong pictures
  • Allows keeping the folder structure the same during the entire task
  • Option to convert images on all Windows OS machine is provided

Reasons to Convert ICON to APNG Are Explained Here

ICON images are useful for computer icons but there are some users who want to change the format to keep the compression maintained.

The following are the benefits of APNG format:

  • APNG format files are Animated Portable Network Graphic images & can be inserted to any website, social media platform, etc. to make it more attractive.
  • This format supports a color depth of 24 bits & over 16 million colors.
  • It has a lossless compression behavior which keeps the image-quality maintained throughout the conversion.
  • Moreover, users change ICON to APNG file as the APNG files have a transparent background. It allows placing the animations on different background types with no losses.

Wrapping Up

Even though ICO/ICON images are useful and majorly used for creating icons, users find it difficult to keep the quality maintained. There are times when they might want to make a few changes in the images but are not able to or even if they do, the quality becomes a mess.

In such cases, users get confused & find themselves in a situation where they can only convert ICON to APNG. Why APNG? It has plenty of advantages as explained. The solution for converting the images is explained here.

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