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Resolve Could Not Synchronize Record Outlook 2011 Mac Error


Solution To Troubleshoot Error Could Not Synchronize Record Outlook 2011 Mac

Mac Outlook 2011 is a desktop email program, which is specifically designed for Mac operating system by the Microsoft. It is successfully used in many latest versions of Exchange Server like Exchange server 2013, 2010, and 2007 as a suitable client server application. When the Outlook for Mac email client is trying to synchronize with Exchange server then sometimes due to some reasons several errors occurs. Error could not synchronize record Outlook 2011 Mac is one of them. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss this error in detail.

Description Of Error Message

When Mac Outlook 2011 user migrate data and then changes category in Exchange Server environment, after that when the user’s tries to synchronize with the server, the user receives the below-mentioned error message:

User’s Queries Related To Could Not Synchronize Record Error

  • “I am using Outlook 2011 for Mac and when I am trying to synchronize Outlook email client to the MS exchange server then I received an error message Could Not Synchronize Record Outlook 2011 Mac on my system screen. I have no idea about this error message. Please help me to resolve this synchronization problem by providing relevant solution. Thanks in advanced.”
  • “I have Outlook 2011 installed on my Mac OS based machine. One day some files in my system got corrupted due to virus attack. After that, when I was trying to synchronize Outlook to Exchange server to access stored data then I got Could Not Synchronize Outlook Mac Record error. I have used Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 but still failed to remove this error. Please suggest me other solution.”

Cause Of the Error: Could Not Synchronize Record Outlook 2011 Mac

This error mainly occurs when a wrong ChangeKey property of moved data item is returned by the move item operation in the Exchange server when the server synchronizes data items with Outlook for Mac email client. Microsoft has also confirmed some problems in their products. Some other reasons of Could Not Synchronize Record error are listed as below:

  • Operating system is corrupted
  • Operating system is running slow
  • Crashing of Outlook for Mac
  • Freezing of the system
  • Multiple applications are running
  • Unnecessary program installation
  • Registry key errors

There are various causes behind the corruption of file such as increasing virus attack, size of storage, abnormal system shut down, copying something in pen drive, hard disk drive failure, upgrading outlook etc. These all issues are the common reason behind the corruption or damaging of file. When any of these issues occur then the database becomes inaccessible. To get rid of this there is need of an expert repair tool that can easily recover and restore any corruption in the file.

Resolution Of Error Could Not Synchronize Record Outlook 2011 Mac

Microsoft suggested the installation of update rollup i.e. 2582113 update rollup 5 for Exchange server 2010 Service Pack 1 to resolve the synchronization error. You can also migrate to other versions of Outlook to fix this error. After doing this if the error is still persists then you can use any third party data recovery software. This is so because the third party tool can solve this error easily without any data loss.


When users of Outlook for Mac email application tries to synchronize with the Exchange server then sometimes they becomes unable to access the stored data. Even the email sending or receiving process also becomes fail. After that, an error message Could Not Synchronize Record Outlook 2011 Mac appears on the user computer screen. This error can be solved by Microsoft itself or by using any third party data recovery utilities.

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