Home Security Cyber Security Challenges – High Time For Business World to Beware

Cyber Security Challenges – High Time For Business World to Beware

Cyber Security Challenges

In today’s CyberWorld, the stakes are unexpectedly high for data leakage. Online applications for personal as well as professional use have become a trend, which results in the data flowing in and out of the business network. This new era has resulted in an extremely essential need for cloud data protection to deal with current Cyber security challenges. Till the year 2021, it seems as if internet hackers are going to initiate 3.5 million new openings and unfilled Cyber security jobs. This is totally 350% increase in comparison with the last five years.

Data controlling on external networks is a difficult task because operations are carried away outside the business network. Unstructured content gets explode because devices act like the mainstream to complicate matters. This type of content comprises Word documents, emails, photos, presentations, and videos that are widely used in today’s digitization era. The Cyber security challenges come under the category of immense. As per the Ponemon Institute study on Cost of Data Leakage 2017, it is being found that the overall cost of data leakage incidences is $3.62. With the odds of organizations that experience data leakage as huge as one in four, it is not a matter of ‘if’ a threat occurs but, when. Well, next comes the list of cloud computing security challenges that are faced by businesses these days.

Cyber Security Challenges in Business World

  • Apps Collaboration Causes Vulnerabilities – Collaboration and communication mediums both are on fingertips in a technical world. All this is possible because of easy-to-use collaborating programs like Trello, Slack, etc. But, these apps originate vulnerabilities on the source systems due to the absence of transparency at the backend processes. Here the main Cyber security challenge is – How can enterprises achieve an easy collaboration in these apps along with the security at the same time? The only simple way to sought out this problem is to adopt CloudCodes CASB Solution Provider. This solution provides an always-encrypted method within it to keep the data of collaborating applications secure. It renders security service to apps like Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc. Encryption at rest as well as during the moving state is possible to achieve with this approach.
  • Mobile Data Access Comes With A Big Risk – This is one of the major Cyber security challenges in today’s business world. Employees feel their working flexibility in a company is when the organization permits them to work from home. But, this is a major cloud computing security risk for organizations. Since the data is not accessed in the internal secured business network, therefore, companies are tensed whether their data is protected on the public cloud or not. Everything from computing data anywhere via unsecured networks (especially public WiFis) and downloading of apps from an unknown server, comes under the mobile security issues. For a less technical person, it is quite tricky for him or her to decide whether the apps downloading are secure for their device or not. Now, wait! It seems as if you are planning to adopt Mobile device management solution to overcome this problem. But, there still exists a problem with this idea! MDM method manages, monitors, and protects mobile devices of the employees only when smartphones are inside the official network. Yes, you are thinking correct! MDM solutions do not provide security if business content is accessed on public networks. Actually, the effective and efficient solution to secure data on mobile access is public awareness.
  • IoT Devices Open Door for Cybercriminals – The another Cyber Security challenge is IoT devices that are connected with cloud. There are big chances of these devices being getting hacked and hence, network compromised. The reason behind this problem is that the majority of the IoT devices are not having security enabled in them. Therefore, locating IoT devices in business is of a big risk, if enterprises are deciding to use them. For example – Internet routers in houses and businesses can get easily hacked and compromise the entire network. It will be possible for malware to pass to and fro routers and, even deactivate devices completely. The double risk of data loss is to home routers because they permit Cybercriminals to enter the network. Millions of unsecured IoT elements lead to enormous data leakage risk. The problem with entire secure is that risk is continuously increasing instead of decreasing or staying at one point.

Don’t Get Panic After Reading Challenges, Here’s the Solution

Of course anyone can get afraid after reading the Cyber security challenges in the cloud network. But, every problem has its solution, and the same applies to this scenario too! If you are eager to use cloud computing technology with the purpose of growing your business, you can adopt IT security as a service provider for online data protection. These vendors provide a package of solution in which all approaches to deal with cloud computing security challenges are involved. The service providers take all the headache of securing data on business cloud from their customers, and enables them to think more on their business development strategies.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.