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Know How to Divide Outlook Inbox in Just a Few Steps

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On January 18th, 2024
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Management issue with Large or Oversized Outlook data files is always difficult to handle. To divide Outlook inbox is the only solution. The file size limitation of PST is a matter of deep concern for an Outlook user but exceeding file size causes severe issues too. It may even cause low-grade performance as well as corruption if the large Outlook files are not managed properly. The article will relate you with all the mistakes that you are neglecting(neglecting the break-up of the large pst file) and bring you here to get more information.

There are two types of PST files which are used by Outlook-
ANSI– The older versions of Outlook can only store up to 2 GB of mailbox content which leads to coming with the newer and faster versions of Outlook.
Unicode– From 2003 to 2016, can store mailbox content from 20 GB to 50 GB. If the PST files of Outlook goes beyond the limit, the file becomes more prone to damage and corruption, which certainly causes an undesired loss of your crucial mailbox content. To break Outlook PST to smaller parts is the way out of the query.

What are Oversized PST files?

The acronym PST stands for Personal Storage which in MS Outlook stores the entire mailbox with all email messages, attachments, task, etc. It is similar to that of a school bags of children which get heavier and heavier with the increase in books, in the same way, the PST gets oversized with the increase in the content of mailbox. In other words size of PST files are directly proportional to the mailbox content, more email message the user send or receive, the lesser the amount of free space is left in PST file. Larger the file size becomes more becomes the possibility to be corrupted. Another reason of Oversized PST is Outlook duplicate items that cover the free space it can be emailed message, contact, note, etc. It has the same size what its original item has.

There are two ways to overcome this situation: either you can compress large PST file size by using MS Outlook’s Compact Now feature or you can divide Outlook Inbox to smaller parts to make them handy. Though we have covered both the procedure to handle the problem but, it would only be helpful if the user understands the logic behind the cause.

Manual Procedure

The built-in features and functions of Microsoft Outlook can be used for transferring mailbox content from one PST file to another. The use of Archive, Import & Export, and Move to Folder feature plays a vital role in powershell PST split. The best and simplest way to move mailbox content into a new PST is Archive whose feature enables users to create an archive.pst file of any particular folder. There are certain steps which are listed below to which will manage your large sized PST files and will help to divide Outlook Inbox PST file 2010 easily:

  • Execute Outlook on your system and select the PST file to archived.
  • In the Menu bar click on File and then Info in the options and select Cleanup Tools.
  • Select Archive to go the archive window.
  • The Archive dialog box will now appear on the screen. To archive, the particular folder and subfolders check the box.
  •  Select the entire mailbox folder which is to be archive such as Inbox, Trash, etc.
  • Click Browse to define a location for saving the new file and click Ok.
  • The selected location will be listed in the edit box. Now click OK to create the new PST file.

The Tool Made it Possible

There are a certain number of ways with which the user could perform Outlook management but that management is of no use which takes a lot of time and takes a lot of human effort. So, an automated solution always stands at the doorstep of every user who wants to split Outlook PST file which will divide Outlook inbox to smaller chunks. One such tool is Split PST which will take you to get straight to the destination without any deadlocks.


Management of Outlook account is the most primary need for the account user, if not done properly could lead to various disaster to Microsoft Outlook account. The best way is to use third party tools- PST splitter that will fight with the question how to divide Outlook inbox to smaller parts. The process to manage the individual Outlook account is a slow and needy task, use of a software can possibly fasten up the speed.