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Code-Free Method To Embed Pinterest Board On The Website

Written By Siddharth
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Published On September 26th, 2023
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Want to know the hassle-free way to Embed Pinterest Board? If yes then read the article carefully . For brands and marketers, visual platforms like Pinterest have emerged as one of the crucial platforms in this digital world. If you are in an industry where images and videos play a major role in your marketing strategy then Pinterest is the perfect place where your presence is important. 

To further amplify your Pinterest content, one of the effective methods is to embed Pinterest board or pins on your website. This blog will act as your comprehensive guide if you are new to the concept of embedding a Pinterest board on your website. Read about the best methods to add the Pinterest widget on website. Let’s get started!

What Do You Understand By A Pinterest Board?

Pinterest pins are organized on boards, unlike the pictures that are posted on Facebook and Instagram. The Pinterest board is a collection where users save their likes or specific pins. Each Pinterest board has its specific themes and purpose. For example, you can have a graphic design board or a social media marketing board. 

There are multiple boards on which your Pinterest profile is made up that cover each of your interests. With time, users create new boards on their profile or add extra content to the previous boards. The other users on Pinterest referred to as Pinners follow either your entire account or specific pins. 

Simple Methods To Embed Pinterest Boards On The Website

One of the most effortless and effective ways to embed a Pinterest board on the website is with the help of a social media aggregation tool- Tagembed. Establishing Tagembed is easy and simple, you will be able to embed Pinterest board by following these below-mentioned steps. 

Step#1- Make An Account 

  1. Make a free Tagembed account or log in to your existing account. 
  2. After logging in, you are redirected to the Tagembed account. Click on the Edit button since your first widget has already been created.
  3. A screen will appear with “Pick a Source” where you choose Pinterest as your aggregation source. 
  4. You are required to choose your connection type after choosing Pinterest. You can pick one of the following two options:
    Username: Enter the name of the user you want to group feeds from.
    Board Name: Enter the URL of the board from which you want to collect Pinterest board data feeds.
    Stories: Enter the name of the user you want to group stories from.
  5. After selecting the User Board tab and entering the URL of the board you want to embed. To start grouping channels in the editor, tap the Create Feeds tab.

Step#2- Develop The Embed Code For Your Pinterest Board

  1. Press on the Embed Widget tab available in the bottom left corner of the widget editor. 
  2. With the list of website CMS, a screen will appear. From the list, select your website platform and generate the embed code for your website. 
  3. As per your need, adjust the width & height of the widget. 
  4. Press the Get Code tab and copy the generated embed code.

Step#3- Embed Pinterest Board Code To Different Website Platforms 

You can easily paste this embedded code on different website platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, HTML, etc. to embed Pinterest feeds. 

Other Methods To Embed Pinterest Boards On The Website 

Below, you will find two alternative methods for embedding Pinterest boards on your website.

1. Tagembed WP Plugin 

WordPress has emerged as the first priority as a website-building platform as brands are moving towards establishing their online brand reputation. WordPress is easy to go and offers several plugins that add functionality to your website. 

By using the Tagembed WordPress Plugin, one can easily embed the Pinterest board on a WordPress website. One can easily get this plugin on the WordPress store and install it freely by following some easy steps. After this, the WordPress website will display your Pinterest Boards.

2. Tagembed Shopify App

One of the most trusted e-commerce website-building platforms is Shopify. More than 1.7 million e-commerce users sell their products or services using the Shopify platform as per the figures released by Shopify. In case, you are looking to join those merchants or searching for ways then look no further. Using the Tagembed Shopify App is the easiest way to embed a Pinterest board on Shopify. This app helps you to display Pinterest boards on the Shopify store and it will add charm to your Shopify store. 

Ending Note 

Undoubtedly, one of the fastest-growing and most popular social media platforms is Pinterest. Users around the world largely use this platform. You can gain amazing benefits by adding Pinterest boards to your website such as making the website more lively, increasing the engagement level, and escalating conversions and sales. What are you waiting for? Leverage the power of Pinterest boards and gain advantages for your business.