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This Software User License Agreement ("LICENSE") governs the installation and use of the software product (referred to as the "SOFTWARE") on your personal computers. By installing and using the SOFTWARE, you (referred to as the "USER"), whether an individual or a legal entity, agree to fully and unconditionally abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein. The publisher of the SOFTWARE is referred to as the "PUBLISHER."


The PROGRAM is protected by international intellectual property laws and treaties. The LICENSE does not grant ownership rights to the USER; rather, it confers a personal, non-transferable right to use the SOFTWARE, subject to the following terms:

SINGLE WORKSTATION PROGRAM: This term refers to a PROGRAM that may be installed and used by a single USER on a single computer at any given time. The SOFTWARE must not be concurrently installed, displayed, shared, or used on multiple computers.

MULTIPLE WORKSTATION PROGRAM: This term refers to a PROGRAM that may be installed and used by a specified number of USERS, corresponding to an equivalent number of computers. The SOFTWARE must not be installed, displayed, shared, or used on a greater number of computers than the authorized workstations.


Regarding the PROGRAM: The PUBLISHER retains all rights not expressly granted under this LICENSE. Unauthorized actions such as modifying, adapting, translating, decompiling, reverse engineering, disassembling, or attempting to access the PROGRAM's source code are strictly prohibited.

Regarding Multimedia Files: Multimedia files provided with the SOFTWARE, including images, audio, or video files, are protected by intellectual property rights. These files are intended for the personal use of the LICENSE holder and may not be used for commercial purposes or in a manner inconsistent with the intended purpose of the PROGRAM.

Copyright Law of Original Works: Using the SOFTWARE to create derivative works, such as ringtones or screensavers, from copyrighted original works without obtaining explicit permission from the copyright owners is illegal and may lead to civil and/or criminal prosecution.


The SOFTWARE may incorporate copy protection technologies to prevent unauthorized reproduction. The USER must not attempt to circumvent these protective measures in accordance with the law.

Activation of the PROGRAM beyond a specified time period may require the entry of a confidential activation key provided by the PUBLISHER. The USER acknowledges that the activation key is the exclusive property of the PUBLISHER and must not be disclosed to third parties. The USER is responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of the activation key.

As part of activation key verification measures, when an Internet connection is active, the PROGRAM may check the validity of the key on the USER's computer. During this process, only statistical information is transmitted to the PUBLISHER, and no personally identifiable or unrelated information is shared with the PUBLISHER or third parties.


The SOFTWARE may include voice recognition and character recognition (OCR) components. These components are subject to inherent recognition errors due to their complex statistical processes and reliance on human voice. It is the USER's responsibility to verify and inspect the results of these processes. The PUBLISHER is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from recognition errors.


The SOFTWARE may facilitate the transfer of data over communication networks. The confidentiality and integrity of data transferred through the SOFTWARE cannot be guaranteed. Any data transferred through the SOFTWARE is the sole responsibility of the USER and is done at their own risk. The PUBLISHER is not liable for any loss or damage, including data interception by third parties or data loss during transfer.


This LICENSE is valid indefinitely and will terminate automatically, without prior notice, if the USER breaches any of its provisions. Upon termination, the USER must delete all copies of the PROGRAM and associated documentation.


The PUBLISHER warrants that the physical medium containing the PROGRAM is free from defects in materials and production for normal use for 90 days from delivery or purchase. The PUBLISHER may choose to replace the defective medium or refund the purchase price in the event of a defect. The PUBLISHER does not provide express warranties regarding the correct operation, performance, or absence of bugs in the PROGRAM. No other express or implied warranties are granted under this LICENSE.


If any clause or provision of this LICENSE is deemed null and void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain valid.


This LICENSE is subject to Indian law, excluding conflict of laws rules.