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Here’s How to Export Contact List From Outlook To Gmail Painlessly


The aim of this article is to provide all the suitable solutions to transfer Microsoft Outlook Contact list / Distribution List / Contact Groups to Gmail account. Here, we cover the migration of all distribution lists of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 into Google Gmail account.

Before you export contact list from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail, it is useful to familiarize the difference between the Microsoft Outlook Address Book and Outlook contacts. The Outlook Address book is a collection of address lists created from the contact folders such as the Global address list, LDAP Internet directories or other third-party address books. It is used to look up and select the names, email addresses and distribution lists when you address email messages. The Contacts are one of the address lists included in an address book and it is possible to directly import the contact of Outlook to G Suite / Gmail account.

User Query

I was trying to import contact list from Outlook to my personal Gmail, but I was having troubles with formatting. I have followed the step by step instructions for importing, but when my contacts come through the Gmail they have additional percentage symbols throughout them. Please suggest any method to overcome this issue.

Free Methods to Export Contact List From Outlook to Gmail

In the following section, we are going to describe how to import the Outlook contacts manually in preferred Gmail or G Suite Gmail account without losing any information. So, go through the below instructions.

Guide to Transfer Outlook List to Gmail

Step 1: Click on the “File” tab–>click “Open & Export”.

Choose Open & Export

Step 2: To open wizard to export contacts, click on Import/Export. 

Import/ Export Wizard

Step 3: Click “Export to a file” and then click “Next” under the “Import and Export Wizard”

Export to a File
Step 4: Click the option “Comma Separated Value”, after that click on “Next” button.

Convert Outlook Contacts to CSV

Step 5: Click the contact folder you want to export in the folder list and click on “Next”.

Choose Folder
Step 6: To  save the file, choose the location on your system by using Browse button.

Location for resultant file
Step 7: Type the name for the exported CSV file and then click “Next” button.
Step 8: Click on “Map Custom Fields” to add or remove fields, to determine the way of contact details are saved in the newly imported file.


Extra help on mapping custom fields to continue the process to export contact list from Outlook to Gmail

  • In the “From” box, drag the field that you want to transfer onto the MS Outlook field that is listed in the “To” box.
    • Click “Previous” or “Next” to see the additional records from the “From” box
    • Click “Clear Map” to remove all mapping
    • Click on “Default Map” to reset the original mapping
  • To view the additional fields in the “To” box, click the sign (+).
    (Example: If you want to display the Business Street and City fields, then you need to click on the plus sign next to Business Address.)

Step 9: Click on “Finish” and log onto the “Google Contacts”.

to Google account

Step 10: Time to click on Solid menu button and opt for Google Contacts app.

Choose Google Calendar

Step 11: Click on “More” option from the left side panel.

Choose More
Step 12: Click on “Select file” under the  “Import Contacts” window.

Chooose file

Step 13: Upload the CSV file that comprises Outlook contact list.

Select file
Step 14: Finally, click on “Import”.

upload csv

Shortcoming of Above Workaround

The above described manual method is really a lengthy process that takes time while exporting a long contact list from Outlook to Gmail. So this must be a frustrating method.

Adding to it, the another thing is that to perform the above manual method you need Outlook application. In such a situation when user only has PST file, and no Outlook installation, then above method gets failed. So, in such cases, you can refer this informative Guide: How to Export Outlook PST Contacts to Gmail?

Final Thoughts!!

In this write-up, we have discussed complete method for how to export contact list from Outlook to Gmail. The free technique is discussed with step-by-step procedure along with pictorial representation. So, implement the above methods and enjoy working with Google contacts along with Outlook contact list.

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