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Export Emails from Zoho – Best Way to Download Emails Locally

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On August 7th, 2021
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The main reason to export emails from Zoho is the risk of data-loss that hovers over a user’s mailbox. It is not a hidden fact that the data that you have stored on your cloud mail is prone to hacking.

Many users have the query for saving emails to their local storage from their Zoho mailbox so that the data is safe from all the risks.

User Query: I have an account Zoho mail which has all my work-related emails that are pretty important. I need to know how I can backup Zoho mail and keep it away from threats like hacking, virus attacks, etc. Please suggest the best solution.

To solve the aforementioned query or other similar queries, we have the best solution for downloading emails in desired file format.

Here, you will find the explained version of the Zoho Backup Tool which can help you with bulk, selective, and quick transfer process.


It is known that the account is not what is important to a user, the data stored in it is. This is why users prefer downloading their data to avoid any hacking or virus attacks.

Let’s see how!

How to Export Emails from Zoho in a Trouble-Free Manner?

The backup tool is designed with advanced algorithms by keeping in mind the needs of non-technical or novice users. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to learn the process quickly without making much efforts.

To top that, it offers various other benefits to the users and allows them to plan the transfer process as per requirement. It works on both Windows OS and Mac OS platforms.

Works on all versions of Windows OS (32/64 bit).

Available for all versions of Mac OS (till 11 & higher).


Why Should You Choose the Tool to Backup Zoho Mail?

All the people worldwide prefer using a solution that is free of cost and can be performed directly from the platform.

However, it is not always the best way out to export your data. The manual method that Zoho mail provides is also helpful yet, not the best as it has certain limitations:

  • The manual approach exports data only in limited formats from which only one or two could be used sometimes i.e. RSS, JSON, CSV, PDF, & TSV.
  • When you try to export emails from Zoho in bulk manually, it downloads a .zip file which needs to be extracted and then you can access the files.
  • You cannot filter the emails according to your needs and save time altogether.

If you choose the software, you can:

  • Protect data from all the threats quickly.
  • Have a lifetime validity of the tool to use it any time you want.
  • You can choose any format that the utility offers to save your data as.
  • Allows selective data export as per a certain time period.

Highlighted Features of the Tool to Export Emails from Zoho

  • Makes various formats available i.e. PST, PDF, EML, MSG, & MBOX to export emails
  • Manage backup process using the Pause & Resume options whenever required
  • Download attachments along with emails from Single User Accounts in one shot
  • Allows to transfer emails selectively by providing Date and Category filters
  • Provides support for Save attachment on disk option on choosing PDF format
  • Clean storage space using Delete after Download option to delete exported data
  • Backup Zoho mail with the same folder structure via Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • Supports Incremental Backup to export newly arrived emails after first process
  • No need to have MS Outlook installed on desktop while saving files in PST format

Now, take a look at the working steps of the software and see how all these features help.

Step-Guide of the Software to Download Emails

Follow the given steps to save your emails in desired file format:

1. Launch the tool and enter your Zoho account credentials. Hit Login to export emails from Zoho.


2. From the Select E-mail Format, choose the format you want to save the emails in and click on the Browse button to choose the location.


3. Move to the Delete after Download option for removing all the exported emails from your mailbox.


4. Hit the Apply Filter button to make use of the filters available i.e. choose the folders you want to save emails from and set the dates in the Date-Filter.


5. Click on the Start button to complete the process.


Few Benefits of Using the Utility to Backup Zoho Mail

  • The formatting of the folders and the emails remain the same even after the backup process in any format.
  • You do not have to download Outlook application on your device to export emails from Zoho and save the files in Outlook data file format.
  • It is available in many different languages including Chinese, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, etc.
  • You can sign in to both personal and business Zoho accounts with the advance features it provides.
  • Users have the benefit of using the software for free to try it first and choose if they want to set it up as entry-level.

Observed Notes

The reason why users export emails from Zoho is that there are a lot of important ones saved there and the risk of loss is higher than ever.

The software mentioned here is the best one to save your data locally and allows you to keep it away from all the threats. It is also easy to use the tool due to its user-friendly interface.