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Find Out the Reasons That Cause the Folders.dbx to Get Corrupt

Folders.dbx to Get Corrupt

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Summary: The article gives an illustration of Outlook Express Folders.dbx to get corrupt. The reasons which play a major role in the corruption of the Folders.dbx file are also discussed in detail.

Body: If you are a frequent internet user you might be aware of almost all the email clients. One such email client that marked its origination in 1996 in early releases of Internet Explorer as news and an email client was Outlook Express. Outlook Express stores its database mainly comprising of emails in a DBX file. The extension of these files is .dbx. For each folder of Outlook Express there exists an individual DBX file. All the mails or messages present in a single folder gets stored in the default DBX file. For example- Inbox.dbx file will store all the mails in the inbox Folders.dbx of Outlook Express. But sometimes there exists situations where folders.dbx to get corrupt and there is need to recover corrupted Outlook Express emails.

Role of Folders.dbx File in Outlook Express

Folders.dbx file can be designated as the master index file of Outlook Express database. It plays the most important role in the working of Outlook Express as in its absence; Outlook Express does not start or run. The structure or the overall nesting of other files like inbox.dbx, drafts.dbx, etc. of main database is shown in this the master folder. The entire list of newsgroups, that the user has subscribed are also visible in the Folders.dbx folder. When Outlook starts, if the Folders.dbx goes missing, it will search for all the default folders and at the end will create a new Folders.dbx file. An overly loaded Folders.dbx folder may often lead to slow performance of Outlook Express and cause Folders.dbx to get corrupt. Therefore in this section we will discuss all such reasons for its corruption

Reasons That Cause Folders.dbx To Get Corrupt

There are a number of reasons that cause the Folders.dbx file to get corrupt. We have listed some of the reasons so as to give a better understanding:

  • The maximum size limit of DBX files is restricted to 2 GB. Once the size limit is exceeded, the files undergo corruption.
  • Virus infections render the Folders.dbx file in an inoperable state.
  • Improper installation of Outlook Express may render issues in the index file.
  • In case of interruption in the compaction process of Folders.dbx file, there are great chances that the file will get corrupted.
  • Abrupt system shutdown due to power surge mostly corrupts Folders.dbx file.
  • At times users move their DBX files from one system to another. This migration may corrupt the Folders.dbx file sometimes.

How to Deal With Corrupted Folders.dbx File?

A corrupted file may lead Outlook Express into a complete inoperable state. This is due to the fact that in its absence, Outlook Express refuses to start. Therefore, the urgent need to repair corrupted Folders.dbx file arises and tends the user to adopt ways to do the same. You can delete the Folders.dbx file and then create it again. But the factor of caution here is that the root structure, the newsgroup subscriptions, etc. all are needed to be done again.

Therefore, to avoid such inconvenience, it is advised to deploy third party tools like SysTools Outlook Express Recovery Software. The software recovers deleted mails or data from the corrupted DBX files. If all the mails are permanently deleted from your DBX file, then do not you worry because the tool will recover even the deleted mails for you. Advanced scanning in the tool enables to perform deep level carving out of deleted mails.


Since we have put forth all the possible reasons that cause the Folders.dbx to get corrupt, we expect that you will keep them in mind to avoid corruption of your DBX file. If the file has already got corrupted then make sure to recover the data with the help of the tool mentioned above.

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