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How to Convert PST to ICS File: Stepwise Guide


MS Outlook locally stores its complete data in PST file. Whether it is Emails, Contacts or Calendar, all Outlook items are saved on the local computer in the Outlook compatible format. But, is PST compatible with other email clients and applications? The answer is no. This leads us to the question, how to access PST file calendar data in other applications and emails. Or more precisely, how to convert PST to ICS file?

There are some Outlook users who need to export their PST calendar data in ICS format. If you are one of them, then this post is for you. We have designed this post to inform our esteemed users about the perfect and sure shot solution of PST to ICS file conversion. But first, we will read some relevant user queries and learn some more about ICS File Type.

Reasons to Convert PST File to ICS
Automated Method for Calendar Data Conversion
Manually Perform PST to ICS Conversion

What is ICS File and Why People Want to Convert PST Calendar to ICS

We all use calendar in one form or another. As paper calendars are slowly disappearing from our wall, digital calendar is taking the place. Most people like to use the calendar feature offered by different email clients like Outlook. Modern-day calendars offer appointment creation, event management, meeting scheduling, etc. features. Most email clients and applications use ICS to save and open calendar data. In other word, ICS is an acclaimed standard format for Calendar data storage.

How to Convert PST to ICS File With Different Methods

There are two different ways to save Outlook calendar data from PST to ICS format. One is the automated solution and the second method in the manual technique.

Smart Approach to Save PST File Calendar in ICS

If you prefer smart techniques over traditional manual methods, then you should choose PST Converter Tool. This application will let you convert complete calendar data of orphan Outlook PST file. Just follow the steps mentioned here and you will have your data exported in ICS in no time.

Step 1: Launch PST Converter on Windows.

Step 2: Add Outlook PST files from local drives.

Step 3: From the preview section, click on Export.

Step 4: Select Calendar folder and choose ICS.

Step 5: Click on Export button to convert PST to ICS.

Additional Features of PST to ICS Converter

Multiple PST File Conversion: Users can convert multiple PST file calendar into ICS at the same time. All you have do is to add PST files one by one. Calendar data of different PST files will be saved in separate ICS files.

No Chance of Data Loss: The software offers a completely safe conversion process and there is no chance of data loss in this process.

Easy Interface: The application comes with a simplistic GUI that anyone can operate. Users do not need any

Manual Process of PST Calendar Conversion in ICS Format

a. Start MS Outlook application and click on Calendar icon.

b. Select the calendar that you wish to save in ICS format.

c. Choose File from Menu and then select Save Calendar option for PST to ICS export.

d. Enter the destination location and click on More Options.. button

e. Select the date range of required data from the drop-down menu like Today, Tomorrow, Specify dates.., Whole Calendar, etc.

f. Once you have applied the settings, click on OK.

g. Specify the name for the ICS file and click on Save button. Thus, you will be able to convert PST to ICS file without any hassle.

Why Choose the Software to Convert PST to ICS

Though manual method does not cost you any money, it may lead to numerous troubles. For example, users will need MS Outlook installation on their computer for manual method. The software does not need Outlook installation and can process orphan Outlook PST file. The manual method is a lengthy one, and users find it difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, the manual technique of PST to ICS Conversion requires technical expertise and might involve data loss. These are some of the reasons why people must go for PST Converter Tool.

Users Query about Outlook Calendar Data Export

Earlier, I used Outlook and was a great fan of Outlook calendar feature. But now, I am more into Google Calendar as my office has switched to G Suite from Outlook. So, I want to move my calendar data to G Suite but do not know how to convert PST to ICS. If anyone knows, please help me. Thanks.

I am in urgent need to open Outlook calendar in other applications. As you all know, PST file data cannot be opened in other applications as it is not compatible. Hence, I have to convert PST to ICS and open the ICS file in other applications. Can anyone tell me the most suitable method to convert Outlook Calendar data in ICS format? I will be grateful.


If you want to know how to convert PST to ICS, there cannot be a better blog than this one. Here, we have talked about two different techniques of Outlook calendar data conversion into ICS. Considering the drawbacks associated with the manual method, professionals usually choose PST Converter tool for the export purpose. This utility helps to save Outlook PST calendar to ICS format.

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