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How to Read and Extract Data From E01 Files? – Best solution here!


I’m looking for a smart solution to freely read and extract data from E01 files. Do you want to access disk image files without other platforms? Did you not find the perfect solution?” Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. This blog describes a reliable and efficient solution for extracting data from the E01 file.

Today, many people encounter different file formats. One of these file formats is E01, created by the EnCase Forensic software. This helps investigators to extract digital evidence images to a local computer. The main purpose of this file is to save the received digital evidence and save the file in image file format. However, not all images in the camera can be easily opened. Therefore, people are looking for solutions to open and extract wrapped image files for forensic exams. Before knowing the different ways to extract data from the E01 file, you should know the E01 extension

Simple Information About the Encase Image File
The Encase (E01) image format manages backups of various types of tests, such as creating a disk image, storing logical files, etc. If a forensic investigator uses Encase to back up data to a hard drive, it can increase the speed of physical data. This is also called disk imaging. To simplify, the basic relationship between Encase and the E01 image file format is that when you create an image of the data on your hard drive, Encase divides the complete data into 640MB blocks to create several data files. It is better that all files have the same name when changing file extensions.

An Efficient Way to Read and Extract Data From E01 Files

There is no direct solution to extract data from E01 image files. That is why many people look for reliable tools to do their job. Disk Image file Viewer is one of the best utility you can use to access and extract data in Encase Image format . It is a standalone application that allows you to safely access, view and extract data from E01 data files. With this tool, it is possible to scan and analyze different data from the E01 image file at the same time. Besides, the tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 10 and above.

Advantages of the E01 File Viewer

  • Open and Extract Data From E01 Files: open and view all types of disk image files such as DMG, DD, E01, etc. Without size limits. The Disc Image Viewer tool allows you to delete deleted data from disc image files.
  • Restore Lost / Deleted Disc Image File: This amazing disc image opening tool allows users to recover deleted files from the disc image. Enough to preview all deleted files that are highlighted in red in the software interface.
  • Ability to Preview Disk Image Files: This tool provides an overview of all data items and instantly displays attributes such as name, file type, path, and file size.
  • It offers advanced search options: Disc image readers have options that allow users to search for files by typing their names in the search text box. It also offers options to filter and search for specific data using date-based filters.

To Read and Extract Data from E01 Files Using an Automation Application

Follow these steps.

STEP 1: Download and Run Disk Image Viewer Application

Download Disk viewer

STEP 2: When you run the software first window of the tool will open and then, click on Open tab.

STEP 3: Now, you have to select the E01 file format from the Select scan option and click on the Browse button.

Select the E01 file format

STEP 4: Next, you have to browse and choose the desired E01 file that you want to open and view.

Browse and Choose E01 file

STEP 5: After that, click the Scan option and continue

choose Scan option

STEP 6: When the scan is complete, a request message will appear on the screen.

prompt message

STEP 7: Subsequently, all the details of the selected E01 file will be displayed on the screen. Then, you can choose the filter or search option.

Filter or Search

STEP 8: Right-click on a file, choose from the Scan or Save option. Suppose, click Scan to view all the contents of the selected disk image file.

Content displayed

Last Word

This blog explains the best ways to access read and extract data from E01 files and Encase image file format. Disk Image Viewer is an effective utility for the secure extraction of data from E01 files. We can confirm that this is the correct solution. A non-technical user can avail of this without any data loss.

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