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How to Read LDIF Files on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7? Here Is The Solution


“I am searching for an immediate solution to read LDIF files. I searched online and tried several ways to do this. But I didn’t get any favorite results. Please suggest to me a proficient approach to view LDIF contact with attributes. Thank you!”

Are you looking for a professional solution to read LDIF contact files on windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7? This blog is intended for all users who want to know how to View LDIF Contact files on Windows. It introduces a reliable software that easily opens and views LDIF contact files.

LDAP Data Interchange Format is a standard plain text file data exchange format for representing the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Directory address book. LDIF transfers the address book as a set of contact records. It stores all information related to contacts and its features such as name, email address, title, home phone, business phone, fax, pager, organization, home address, business address, web page, etc.

How Can I Read LDIF Files On Windows?

First, there is clearly no manual solution that will help you to read LDIF contact files. So we offer a reliable and trusted software called LDIF Viewer. This application will help you to open, view, and read contact files on Windows.

Now see how? This LDIF File Viewer is designed and developed in such a way that it can open and read multiple LDIF contact files simultaneously. The program checks all LDIF files with all their features and allows users to save LDIF data items to the required file location. Download the free trial of the program and see the features by yourself.

Step By Step Guide To View LDIF Contact Files Using Professional Solution

The software allows the user to preview LDIF contact details such as company, business fax, home phone, categories, etc. No prior technical expertise is required to use the tool because it also has a great graphical user interface that is widely compatible with all Windows operating systems. It keeps the data safe & secure. It takes very little time to execute the process.

Below are the quick steps to view LDIF files:

Step 1 : Download and Run the Software on your system.

download LDIF  Software

Step 2 : Now, Choose Add File tab to Browse and Open the LDIF Contacts File.

Add LDIF File

Step 3: Afterwards, Once the scanning is complete, read all LDIF contacts with their attributes.

read all LDIF

Step 4: Now, You can click on the browse tab Option to Save LDIF contact File.

Save LDIF contact file

That’s it. By following these simple steps, users can easily open or read LDIF files.

Some Features And Benefits OF This Utility:

Following is a list of some highlighted features of this LDIF file viewer:

  • User Friendly: -It helps users to easily open, view, and read LDIF files including all contact details like name, phone number, email address, home phone number, business fax, etc.
  • Time-Saving: – As I discussed in the beginning rather than using difficult and lengthy processes, the user should use this tool to save time. It quickly opens and reads the LDIF contact file.
  • User Interface: – Its interface is so simple and effective that one can easily work on it without technical knowledge.
  • Data Security: – It is one of the best tool to provide a preview option of LDIF contact files with all its attributes without loss of any contact details.
  • No Size Limits: – The tool has no limitations on file size and file number. The User can easily view LDIF contact files without loss of information.
  • Works with all Windows Versions: This best LDIF reader software supports reading LDIF files on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Final Thoughts

I have discussed the best way to read LDIF files on Windows OS 10, 8,7, and below versions. Here I have mentioned the ideal way to read LDIF contact files without any data loss. The tool is available as both a free trial and a licensed one. So, users can buy the paid version after checking the credibility of the tool using the demo version.