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How to Recover Lost MS Access Data – Get Error-Free Solution

how to recover lost ms access data

Often MS Access encounter data loss issue while they are working on an Access database. Is it a painful situation? Of course yes! But, getting tensed is not a solution. So, just relax! And read this complete article to recover MDB file. Today! We are going to explain the remarkable technique for how to recover lost MS Access data issue. So, just go through the complete post to get detailed information about this issue. Let’s get a quick look:

User’s Scenario Related to Recover MS Access Data

Need help! I had an important project for a month. So, I would like to update the data inside it. But, unfortunately, all the data from the database is lost. I do not know where is my data gone. Is that missing or hiding somewhere? I have no clue about this issue and now, I want an instant solution to recover missing MS Access data. Many thanks in advance.

Automated Approach to Recover Lost MS Access Data

Initially, users should aware about the fact i.e., there is no manual solution is available to retrieve the lost MS Access database. In this situation, only a third-party application can prove helpful. So, here you can utilize this amazing Access Database Recovery Software to resolve your issue. This application helps to recover deleted and corrupted Access database. It has the ability to repair corrupted Access database like records, form, query, macros, and so on.

Using this software, users can execute the repair and recovery procedure. Because it facilitates a user-friendly interface so, any user either non-technical or technical perform the repair Access database procedure without any expert help. Moreover, you can download this utility on any Windows machine. It is a Windows based application and extensively supports all versions of Windows Operating System.

Steps to Repair & Recover Lost MS Access Data

Below here, we are going to describe the instructions to execute the MS Access database recovery process. We mention all the steps adequately, you just have to implement all of them sequentially to get the expected results. Let’s start:

1. Firstly, download and run the Access Recovery Tool on your local machine.

2. Now, click Browse option to choose an Access database MDB file

3. Once you select the MDB file from its relevant location. Now, hit on Open button to proceed ahead.

4. Click on the Recover button to start the recover lost MS Access data procedure.

5. Once you select Recover button the software will begin the recovery procedure.

6. Subsequently, hit the Export button to export files which are displayed on the screen

7. Here, click the Browse button to choose a location on the machine to store all the recovered files.

8. After opting a specific destination folder, you can store the preferred MDB file into that folder. Basically, this software provides you two different option to save Access database files.

  • Export data as MS Access database
  • CSV File: By exporting CSV file, you can simply convert the MDB file into XLS sheet.

9. Finally, the software will display all the records after selecting the Export/Save option. Here, you can close the application after successful completion of the Access database recovery process.

Time to Wrap Up

As we all know that, there is no manual way is available for how to recover lost MS Access database. So, for retrieval of deleted Access database, we suggest choosing an automated solution. With the help of this Access Database Recovery software, you can easily get rid of this issue. This application has the capability to recover and repair corrupt Access database within a few clicks. Moreover, using this tool you can recover deleted Access data without any hurdle.

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