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How to Remove Duplicate JPG Files on Mac? – A Made Easy Guide

Written By Ashwani Tiwari
Mack John
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Published On February 6th, 2024
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In the digital age, we often capture moments as JPG files. Yet, frequent shots clutter your Mac with duplicates, affecting performance. Therefore, we have brought this guide on “how to remove duplicate JPG files on Mac?” – An easy solution.

Duplicate images are like twins of the original pictures, exact copies causing clutter. However, if you allow these redundant files to stay on your system, it may slow down your system and create a storage mess. In the upcoming sections, we’ll look at solutions to these problems. Let’s dive into the topic for better understanding.

How to Find and Erase Duplicate JPG Files on macOS Using Photos App?

The Photos App is part of your Macbook Air, simplifying the task of finding and removing duplicate images. Here’s a guide to check out:

Initiate the App:

Start the Photos App through Spotlight (Cmd + Space) and type “JPG Files.”

Generate a Smart Album:

Go to FileNew Smart Album.

Establish Criteria:

In the Smart Album dialog, add criteria, like the last 12 months or Camera Model, using the “+” icon.

Spot Duplicates:

Efficiently review and pinpoint duplicates.

Choose JPG Files:

Select the JPG Files you want to delete.

Execute Deletion:

Right-click and pick the option on “Delete [numeric value] JPG Files.”

Permanently Eliminate:

In “Recently Deleted,” permanently delete identical images. Next, navigate and tap on the “Delete [numeric value] Items.”


If you’re using Mac Ventura and Sonoma, effortlessly identify and delete duplicate JPG Files. Further, in the updated version of the Photos App, there is a feature of Duplicates. This can help to streamline the removal of identical images. Here’s how: 

  • Navigate to the sidebar and click on the Duplicates tab. 
  • Pick JPG files and videos from the list of identical items for merging. 
  • Click Merge, indicating the numeric value to combine [numeric value] items.

How to Identify and Clean the Identical JPG Files in Mac Using a New Smart Folder?

Create a New Smart Folder to manage the duplicate JPGs using Finder effortlessly:

  • Begin with “File” → “New Smart Folder.”
  • Add criteria: Click “+” upright.
  • Opt for “Kind,” then “Image.”
  • Add more criteria like “Date Created” with the “+“.
  • Organize by name: Click “+,” select “Name,” and choose “is.
  • Spot duplicates: Identify, right-click, “Move to Trash,” or ‘Cmd + Delete.’

This method uses the filenames and metadata mechanism to filter out the duplicates. Don’t forget to back up before deleting to avoid data loss.

How to Scan and Eliminate Duplicate JPG Files in macOS with Terminal Command?

Paste this code into your Terminal for a smooth process to find and delete duplicate JPG files in your photo collection. Before beginning the steps below, ensure that you have backed up your files at a place.

Begin by navigating to your photo folder:

cd “/path/to/your/JPG Files” || exit

Then, execute the following commands:

find . -type f -exec md5sum {} + | sort | uniq -w32 –all-repeated=separate | while read -r line; do




    for ((i = 1; i < num_files; i++)); do


        echo “Deleting duplicate: $file”

        rm “$file”



Replace ‘/path/to/your/JPG Files‘ with your actual path. Save the code/script on your machine as ‘‘ and run:

chmod +x

Using this scripts ensures efficient management of duplicates. Thereby, organizing your photo collection with ease.

Shortcomings in the Manual Solution to Remove Duplicate JPG Files on Mac OS

Given below are the challenges mainly a user faces in removing duplicate JPG files:

  • Manually picking and deleting can be an ever-growing process with draining time and energy.
  • Even a small mismanagement could lead to the risk of accidental data loss.
  • If you are handling large photo collections subtle image differences are easily overlooked resulting in declining efficiency. 
  • Execution of these tasks requires technical skills.

How to Remove Duplicate JPG Files on Mac OS? – A Conclusive Tech

Apparently, the methods outlined above are free and easy to access. However, they are not efficient for large photo collections. As a result, we would like to suggest to you the best Duplicate File remover tool. Moreover, this tool holds the capability to identify duplicate JPG files without any errors. Seamlessly operates on all Mac versions. Swiftly eliminates redundant pictures at once. Equipped with advanced features. 

Let’s have a look at a few of the attributes in the following:

  • Advanced Scanning Engine simplifies photo decluttering with recursive scanning and diverse file support.
  • Manage duplicates, visually spot similar images, and verify with preview functionality.
  • Essential for Mac users, supports external storage like Pendrive and MicroSD cards.

Effortlessly organize your photo library with ease!

Salient Steps to delete Similar JPG files on Mac

Step 1. Easily install Duplicate Photo Remover on your computer.

run the duplicate remover software

Step 2. Click on the Add Folder button to open the folder containing duplicate JPG files.

hit on Add Folder

Step 3. Choose scan preferences and file type, then smoothly click Continue.

pick the desired Scan Configuration

Step 4. Effortlessly delete unnecessary picture files; click the Delete tab.

press on Delete button

Step 5. Confirm the successful deletion by checking “Deleted” under the Action column.

check the results

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Final Takeaway

From the above guide, you must have got the answer to the question, “How to remove duplicate JPG files on Mac OS?” Further, we covered manual and professional solutions. Although the manual way is free, it has limitations. Hence, the reliable option is to go with the automated software to find and remove duplicate files.