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How to Repair Microsoft Access Database File – Flawlessly

Written By Mohit Jha
Mack John
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Published On January 18th, 2024
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Access database stores vital information that no one wants to lose. Access database get corrupted and not responding is a common issue. But its solution is not common, So let us understand proven way to repair access database file and remove corruption issues.

There are many MS Access users who are looking for an instant way to resolve this issue. So, we considered this issue and come up with this comprehensive article. Today! Here, we will be going to disclose the solution to resolve how to repair MS Access database file. Mainly, we have discussed the professional solution for the same. Because there is no availability of a manual solution to do the same. Moreover, you just have to read the complete article to clear your thoughts about this topic. Let’s get started:

Verified Way to Repair Access Database File

There is no free trick to available for repairing Access database. So, if in case, you find any method on the internet then, take care! Because of the free solution may have some limitations. Here, I will discuss an alternative approach to repair corrupt access database file and i.e. Access Repair Tool. Using this proficient software, you can easily recover and recover MDB file. Mainly, this tool is equipped with enriched features and functionalities like:

  • Repair highly corrupted Access database file
  • Allows to recover and repair selected tables only
  • Capable of repairing any size Access database file
  • Supports repairing both ACCDB and MDB File
  • Ensures not alteration in table data and table header
  • Repair Access database file on Windows 11 and below versions

Steps to Repair MS Access Database File

Follow the below listed instructions for repairing corrupt access database file. All the steps are verified and safe to perform.

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Step-1: Initially, you have to install and run the eminent application into your system. Now, hit a click on Browse and choose the database file:

repair corrupt access database

Step-2: Then, opt the preferred file MDB / ACCDB from its relevant location and hit on the Open button to proceed further.

browse access database file

Step-3: Hit on the Recover button to start the repairing access database file procedure.

hit repair button

Step-4: After that, select the Export button and export the desired files that have appeared on the screen.

preview data from repair database file

Step-5: Here, click on the Browse button to choose a preferred location on your system to store all the repaired file.

path to save repaired file

Step-6: Once you opt the specific destination folder. Then, you can save the chosen MDB / ACCDB file in the folder. The utility provides you two options such as Only Schema and Schema & Data to store repaired files.

repair Microsoft access database

Step-7: Finally, the tool will display you the number of records after selecting the Export or Save option. Alternatively, close the application adequately

repairing access database

Final Words

Above in this write-up, we emphasize the prominent techniques to resolve how to repair Microsoft Access database file issue. Mainly, we have discussed the manual and professional approaches to do the same. Both techniques are described appropriately. You just have to follow any one method as per your need.

However, the manual solution does not provide any surety to provide an expected outcome. So, it is recommended to choose an automated method for repairing access database file. Conclusively, the choice is yours which one you need to opt. But, the take the decision wisely.