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IBM Verse vs Gmail – Compare Google Inbox vs IBM Verse


IBM Verse Vs Gmail

IBM verse and Gmail both are the completely cloud-based email application. Both these applications are used for the exchange of email messages through internet. IBM verse is used for exchanging business email and Gmail application is used for exchanging personal email messages. Both of these email-hosting platforms have multiple features. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss the difference between IBM verse Vs Gmail & comparison of IBM verse vs Gmail in detail.

What is IBM Verse?

IBM verse is a powerful cloud-based email hosting solution, which enables users to access their business emails from a desktop browser or laptop, from a mobile device. It is a business email, which helps users to prioritize their work, personalize their work experience and build strong working relationships. IBM verse helps users to find the content quickly, which is most important. Apart from business emails, it also stores contacts, calendars, meetings, chats, files, etc. Read the below article to know about the difference between IBM verse Google inbox.

Features Of IBM Verse

  • Business email hosting solution
  • Connect with meetings and file sharing
  • Manage users to-do list and chats
  • Trace important people in the network
  • Can be accessed anywhere at any time
  • Less cluster email account
  • Built-in security features

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free web-based email application developed by Google. It is used by users for sending or receiving personal emails over the internet. Gmail can be accessed from a desktop browser or laptop and any mobile device. It is a completely cloud-based application so that it can be accessed anywhere and at any time. The detail comparison between IBM verse and Gmail is covered in this article.

  • Features Of Gmail
  • Organize emails in variety of ways
  • Personal email hosting application
  • Mute conversations
  • Video chat
  • Advanced search and search operators

Comparison Between IBM Verse vs Gmail

S.NO IBM Verse Gmail
1. It is a business email hosting platform It is a personal email hosting solution
2. It is developed by IBM It is developed by Goggle
3. It is a purchased email application It is a free email application
4. It has advanced security features It is less secure than IBM verse
5. It stores emails, contacts, calendars, events, etc It stores only email messages
6. It connects its users to their team meeting from anywhere at any time It does not connect with meetings
7. It does not connect with meetings It does not trace people in the network
8. It manages user to-do list and chats It organizes emails in various ways.
9. It displays upcoming events, meetings, and email updates from the Important People flagged in the workplace It has advanced search and search operator features, which help users to search email that meet their criteria.
10. It is widely used in the business world It is used for personal purposes

User’s Queries With Their Answers

Q1. I have two mobile phones. One is iOS based iPhone and other is an android-based smart phone. So, I want to know, is there an IBM verse application available for the iOS and the android?
A. Yes, IBM verse application is available for both iOS and android operating system. For iPhone, IBM verse application is available at Apple App store and for android; it is available at Google play store.

Q2. Can I import my mail contacts from CSV into IBM verse?
A. Yes, you can import contacts from CSV file to IBM verse.


IBM verse is cloud-based email hosting platform, which is developed by IBM for the business world. It is widely used in the business world for building strong business relationships. On the other hand, Gmail is a free email application, which is developed by Google for sending and receiving emails over the internet. Both of these emails hosting application can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. The above article covers IBM verse Vs Gmail and states the difference between IBM verse and Gmail.

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