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Import Emails From Outlook To Eudora By PST To Eudora Converter

Import Emails from Outlook to Eudora

Import Emails from Outlook to Eudora

Outlook is an email client developed by Microsoft. It provides features like emails, calendars, task manager, journals, notes, contact manager, etc. It is more like a personal information manager. It is a Windows supported email application. MS Outlook keeps data in PST file format. IMAP and POP are the supported protocols. Whereas Eudora is also an email application developed by Steve Dorner for Mac platform. Currently, it is no longer under development. It was used in Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. There is a need to import emails from Outlook to Eudora because of operating system platform support. In Eudora, POP3, IMAP and SMTP are supported as well as SSL in Windows with S/MIME authentication to provide security by encrypting email communications. And data in Eudora is in the MBOX file format.

Quick Solution: Outlook PST to MBOX Converter tool helps to convert PST file to Eudora MBOX Mailbox.

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Need to Convert Outlook to Eudora

As discussed Outlook is a Windows-based email client and Eudora is mainly Mac based email application. If a user is using Outlook on Windows has switched to Mac OS, then he needs Outlook in his system but now Outlook is paid in Mac. So he can use the Endora by importing PST file from Outlook to MBOX file format in Eudora. One can import emails from Outlook to Eudora as there are many features supported by Eudora that can make user migrate to it. Like Bayesian filtering of spam with feature SpamWatch. It helps in raising suspicious links within emails that are attempted to thwart phishing. There is an addition of Ultra-fast search that can help in finding emails within seconds using single or multiple criteria. As it stores emails in MBOX format which uses plain text files instead of a database as MS Outlook. According to some user queries like

“I am an Outlook user and handle all my emails, calendars and tasks in it. But due to some kind of research purpose, I am working on Eudora mails in my system. But unfortunately, I am not getting any idea of proceeding with this email client. Please help me in importing my old emails from Outlook PST file to Eudora. Please help me in migrating my data. Thanks!”

Solution to Import Outlook to Eudora

There is a drawback of Eudora email client that there is no direct method to export emails from Outlook PST to Eudora as it supports MBOX file format. But there is nothing to worry. An expertise solution i.e. Outlook mails to MBOX Converter that can help in moving the data from MS Outlook PST to Eudora MBOX. It can import mail from Outlook to Eudora. Follow below steps:

  1. Download the PST to MBOX Converter tool.
  2. Install the software in your system. Run the application to begin the process.
  3. Now you can add the PST file which you want to convert and start the scanning process. The tool will scan all the files and folders and ask to export the PST file in MBOX format.
  4. Browse the desired location and select the destination path where you want to export the file and start the Export process.
  5. You can check out the count details of MS Outlook PST file and maintain the folder hierarchy according to the preview of data items.
  6. You can check your desired destination path and you will get the MBOX file in that location.
  7. Now you can import the MBOX file saved at your desired location in Eudora and get your previous mails.

Features of Outlook to Eudora MBOX Converter

  • The application converts Outlook PST to Eudora MBOX file and it creates a single MBOX file for one PST file.
  • There is no worry in case of file size. There is no limitation, as one can convert any large size PST file.
  • The software supports both MS Outlook PST file types i.e. ANSI and UNICODE.
  • There is a need of MS Outlook installation in the system to Convert Outlook PST to Eudora.
  • It allows a scanning option i.e. Quick Scan mode to scan selected or all the items and generates a preview for all the data items like emails, calendars, notes, journals, tasks, etc.
  • This application also maintains the folder structure and data integrity of items in the PST file.


On the basis of the need of Outlook PST to Eudora conversion, we have discussed methods to export Outlook emails to MBOX file easily. Above discussed approaches can help you to access your data in Windows as well as Mac operating system. Go through above manual approaches to know the working of the third-party solution and import emails from Outlook to Eudora efficiently.

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