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Migrate Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird Without Losing Any Data


If you want to migrate/switch from Mac Mail to Thunderbird for Windows, then you must be searching for the solution to perform the migration. Therefore, we have bought a decent solution for the same, which will make Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration very simple, effortless, and reliable.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular email client, which is open source and completely free to use. It provides lots of advanced features and functionality that attract users towards it. Therefore, most of the users are searching for the solution to migrate from Mac OS to Windows platform. One such type of email client migration is from the Mac Mail to Thunderbird for Windows. However, both supports MBOX file format to store the mailbox data but there is no proper solution available to move/convert Apple Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird. There are some add-ons or free utilities available that can help users in importing the MBOX file but they are not accurate and reliable to use. Therefore, in this post, a best possible and safe solution is covered that one can use to import Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird.

Drawbacks of Using Free Utilities (ImportExport Tool)

There are various solutions available like add-ons that can help users in importing MBOX file to Thunderbird but seems to have lots of problems, which are discussed below:

  • Most of the users encounter some issues like data is not proper, folder hierarchy or structure is not maintained. In addition, many users have suffered from data loss also.
  • Another common issue observed is that folder structure is fine but they are completely empty. There is nothing inside these folders.
  • Sometimes there is the body of email does not contain images, email properties, attachments, etc.
  • Corruption with the non-English type of content is also one of the common issues came across by the users.
  • Apart from all this, the process becomes quite lengthy to perform when one needs to import a large amount of data (MBOX).

Therefore if a user is facing this similar kind of issues while switching from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, it is suggested to go for some other solution. Use some third-party application, which is developed for effective and faster email migration. One such solution is Thunderbird Import Wizard, it will provide more accurate results compared to inefficient manual procedures of data transfer.

"I was looking for the solution to move/export emails from Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird. To do the same I have even tried free add-ons also to import MBOX file of Apple Mail to Thunderbird. However, it provides completely unsatisfactory result i.e. empty folders. After a long search, I came to know about this Thunderbird Import Wizard software. I must say that it is an amazing software that provides satisfactory results without any loss of data."

A Perfect Solution to Import Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird

The Thunderbird Import Wizard is an application that is designed to export Apple Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird. The best part about the tool is that it can move MBOX file of any email application without any issue. In manual approaches most the times, exporting emails to MBOX file, there are chances of data loss. However, this is not the case with this software, it guarantees 100% data transfer without any loss. Moreover, there is no modification is done by the software program in the data and preserve folder structure also. The design team of the application works so well in simplifying the interface that even a beginner can easily import MBOX files to Thunderbird without using any tutorial or expert help.

Benefits of Using Thunderbird Import Wizard to Move Mac Mail Emails to Windows Thunderbird

The tool is designed with many advance features to facilitate user with easy migration and all of them are discussed below:

  • Import multiple MBOX files to Thunderbird in bulk also.
  • Move MBOX emails along with attachments in Thunderbird.
  • Provides an option to transfer MBOX file to specific email profile.
  • Maintains on-disk folder structure & hierarchy during migration.
  • Thunderbird installation is mandatory to migrate a MBOX file.
  • Permit users to move selective files or folders to Thunderbird.
  • Does not impose any file size limitation while import process.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10/ 8.1 & all below versions.

The Final Word

This blog is written to find the best and relevant solution to transfer emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird easily. As migration between email client is successful only if it is without any loss of data or original formatting. Mac Mail & Mozilla Thunderbird both supports MBOX file format to store data still manual migration creates lots of issues. For example, corruption in data, empty folder, data loss, etc. So, in order to have an easy and reliable solution, a user is recommended to use a commercial solution i.e. Thunderbird Import Wizard. It is a one-stop solution to migrate/import Mac Mail to Windows Thunderbird in an efficient manner which a novice user can also use in a hassle-free way.

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