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Efficient Way To Open DMG File On Windows Using Several Methods

Open DMG File On Windows

Do you want to know how to Open DMG files in Windows? If you are a Windows user and try to read some DMG files on your system, this must-have failed. However, you are not alone facing this problem. All Windows users should go through this phase when trying to read Mac OS disc images. The reason is simple: the DMG file format is not supported by the Windows operating system.

Windows users may have no choice to open the DMG file in Windows OS. Fortunately, there are several solutions to such situations. This article focuses on solutions that Windows users can try. Users can open DMG data files with 7-Zip or convert DMG files with a Mac disk image using PowerISO. Apart from that, you can view DMG content on Windows with alternative help as described. Let’s look at the solution individually.

Manual Method to Open DMG File on Windows

We will have a look at the methods through which view DMG files in Windows OS is possible.

Step-1: Read DMG File With 7 Zip Utility

  • Download and Run 7-Zip or other application of a similar category on your system.
  • Now, Click on the right DMG file and select the Extract option.
  • Extract in a safe location. Wait until it finishes the operation. It may take quite some time as the image file are large.
  • If this option does not work, try Choose Open archive option. It should work fine.
  • After that, open the folder to go through its contents

Step-2: Convert Mac DMG File into ISO File

If users are not willing to use the 7-Zip application, or if they want to access the DMG file simply, they can convert the DMG into ISO file to read DMG file on Windows. As we all know, all Windows OS supports ISO files. Once the migration is done, the DMG from the data file will function exactly like an ISO file. Then, it can be view on Windows without any issues. You have to add the DMG file to the tool and use the necessary commands. After processing, this program will turn the entire DMG data file into an ISO file. However, you will not be capable to save any of its components. This technique will fail if the DMG image file is missing any of its elements or damaged in any way.

Limitations When Using 7-Zip and PowerISO

These applications are certainly useful but have certain drawbacks. These tools cannot process large DMG files. If the DMG file is encrypted, these applications cannot process it. Because of these limitations, many users are looking for another easy-to-read tool.

Open DMG File on Windows Using Automated Solution

Use Freeware DMG Viewer to read DMG files on Windows. This application has multiple useful options for preview DMG file contents. It can also open compressed DMG files. This program can be the best method for all the users that are unable to open a Mac disk image file on the Windows OS.

Download DMG viewer

The main features of these tools are as follows:

  • Permits to open and view DMG files on Windows OS
  • Offers an option to search DMG data files in large-sized File
  • Allows to open & view multiple Mac OS image data files
  • Supports both compressed and Read-Only DMG files
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS

Last Verdict

In this article, we explained how to open DMG file on Windows. The user can freely choose among these techniques as he pleases. We recommend that you select the alternate solution i.e DMG Viewer to easily browse DMG data file.

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