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Transfer AD Users to Another Domain using Efficient Solution

transfer Active Directory to new domain

Many Active Directory users have to face some serious problems while they trying to migrate the users to a new domain. It is a pretty lengthy procedure and most of the users don’t know how to migrate Active Directory users to new domain. But, the good news for the users is that in this article, we will discuss the process to carry out entire task step by step.

Before you start the export process, first you have to allocate Conditional Forwarders for each domain. In Domain A, you have to assign Conditional Forwarder for Domain B and vice versa. After you completed assigning conditional forwarders, you have to setup Two-way Active Directory Trust to perform authentication between both domains. Performing these steps will allow domains to communicate and start the migration process.

Manual Procedure to Migrate Active Directory Users to New Domain

To start the process to move AD users to new forest, first download the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT).

Steps to Install ADMT

1. First, run the Active Directory Migration Tool Installation Wizard.
2. It will create a SQL database as it is required to carry out the process. Click on Next button to proceed.
3. In the License Agreement Window, choose I Agree and then hit Next.
4. Then, the Customer Experience Improvement Program window will appear. Click Next.
5. The Database Selection Window will pop up. Here, enter the name of your SQL instance and click Next.
6. It will create the SQL database and finish the installation. Press Finish button.

After finishing the installation, let us now the start the process to transfer AD users to new domain.

1. Launch Active Directory Migration Tool.
2. In the left pane, right-click on the Active Directory Migration Tool and then choose User Account Migration Wizard.
3. Then the migration wizard will appear, click Next.
4. In the Domain Selection screen, enter the Source Domain and select the Domain controller for it and then enter the Target Domain and select the Domain controller for destination domain. Click Next.
5. In the next window, select the users from source domain and click Next.
6. Here, click on Add button to select the users accounts which you want to move.
7. After adding all the users, click on Next button.
8. In the Organization Unit Selection screen, enter the full qualified name of the destination / target OU. Hit Next.
9. Then, in the Password Option screen, you can select an option that best fits your requirements. Also make sure that you have entered the correct source DC. Click Next.
10. In next step, the Account Transition Option screen appears, select the required options and then press Next.
11. Now, choose an option from User Options screen which suits your needs and requirements and then hit Next.
12. Here, from the Object Property Exclusion option, you can exclude the properties whichever you want to eliminate. Press Next button after that.
13. In Conflict Management screen, select the options from “Do no migrate source object if a conflict is detected in the target domain” or “Migrate and merge conflicting objects”.
14. After the completion of all the steps, click on Finish button and the process to migrate Active Directory users to new domain will start.

The migration process window will appear after the completion of above steps. It will display the count of users being migrated and the errors. Once the process is finished, the logs will show the failed account migration and why it failed.

Efficient Solution to Transfer AD Users to New Domain

Users have the option to move users using two methods i.e. manual method and an automated solution. We have explained the manual procedure in the above segment but it is too lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore, users have an option to try an automated solution which allows users to move AD users to another domain/forest in an efficient way. The application enables users to transfer users in bulk without any hassle. Moreover, SysTools Active Directory Management Tool allows users to export AD users to new domain making it the best solution to manage AD.


The above-mentioned article explains the methods to move Active Directory users to new domain. We have explained two methods to execute the entire export process, one is the manual procedure and the other is the automated one. Users can go for any of the solutions to move AD users to new forest which best suits their needs and requirements.

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