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How To Move Entourage 2008 To Outlook 2011 For MAC High Sierra OS

Move Entourage 2008 To Outlook 2011

Ever since Outlook for Macintosh 2011 settled its feet on to the emailing services era, it’s been drawing additional and additional Clients towards itself. a number of the customers migrated their mailboxes from the present client to the newer platform. Most of the users didn’t, may be as a result of they’re unaware of a reliable way to Move Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011. the opposite reason might be that they’re over aware concerning the protection of the mailbox throughout migration, that they ne’er tried it. In this post, you’ll get to know about a reliable and secure technique to migrate the mailbox from Entourage to Outlook for mac.

Entourage Mailbox

Microsoft Entourage holds on mailbox contents during a .RGE file. In different words, Microsoft Entourage mailbox info file has .RGE file format, which needs the Entourage consumer for scan and write access. A .RGE info file stores emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, and more, that is exclusive for every mailbox related to the consumer.

The file menu in Entourage was given Import and Export choices, used for tasks like mailbox import and export. the most important advantage of such information files is that they’re straightforward to move and that they can be directly migrated into Entourage once received at the destination.

Two Way Technique to Move Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011

1. By Manual Method
2. By using a Third Party Tool

Manual Method to Move Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011

In addition to a security and dependableness throughout migration, another key issue is that the security and dependableness of the newer platform itself for your existing well as future emails. However, once it involves opt for Microsoft’s services and merchandise, you’ll be able to without doubt upgrade to them. For the present, allow us to bear the below mentioned secure and reliable way to Move Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011 for Macintosh.

Locate the Entourage info (*.RGE) file and copy it, and so paste it to a different location on a similar pc. just in case your macintosh denies repeating the info, you’ve got to export mailbox to a new .RGE file, and so you’ll be able to proceed with the migration method. See however you’ll be able to export Entourage information into a .RGE file:

1. Launch Entourage and click on the File menu, and so opt for Export within the context menu

2. Select the things that you just need to export and click on the next button

3. Select No choice to leave the things within the Entourage mailbox once export

4. Choose a location on your Macintosh and please check the file extension to save

5. Click the Done button to end exportation the Entourage information.

With this, you currently have on the market a replica of your Entourage 2008, that you wish to import into Outlook 2011 for Macintosh. Follow the steps mentioned below for this:

  • Go to Application >> MS office 2011 >> MS Outlook
  • Click the File menu and opt for Import
  • In the Import wizard, choose the choice ‘Entourage info from AN archive or earlier version‘, and so click on next button to proceed
  • On next screen, select ‘Entourage 2008 ( web Services Edition Including)’ and click on next button
  • All the mailbox things are shown elect by default; click the next button to proceed
  • On consecutive screen, choose the identity created last and click on next button
  • On the subsequent message dialog, click OK
  • This will import your mailbox information from Exchange Server and you’ll see the subsequent screen saying ‘Microsoft Outlook needs to use your confidential information hold on in “Exchange” in your key chain’. Click the always allow button
  • With this, you’re done exporting the .RGE file into Outlook 2011. You see the subsequent screen and click on the finish button to shut it
  • You can currently read/write access your Entourage mailbox in Outlook for Macintosh 2011 client, and you are doing not need to modify the file format of any of the mailbox contents.

Set up Your Email Account in Outlook for Macintosh 2011

Since MS Outlook supports synchronizing multiple email accounts at the same time, you’ll be able to established your personal and skilled emails at the same time in Outlook for Macintosh 2011. See however you’ll be able to do it:

1. In Outlook for Macintosh 2011, click Tools menu and opt for Accounts

2. On the Accounts wizard, click the add (+) button within the bottom left corner and opt for Email within the list

3. In the next step ‘Enter your account information’, kind in your Email and pass.

4. Now, you see the windows has been enlarged and you wish to provide additional information:

  • In the Email address field, type-in the e-mail address that you just wish to put together
  • In the pass. field, type-in the pass
  • In the Username field, type-in your email ID (the same as  entered in step a)
  • In the sort menu, opt for IMAP
  • In the ‘Incoming Server field’, type-in ‘imap.one.com
  • Check the ‘use SSL to attach (recommended)’ checkbox
  • In the ‘Incoming server port’ field, type-in 993
  • In the ‘Outgoing server field’, type-in send.one.com and port no. 465
  • Check each ‘Override default port’ and ‘Use SSL to attach (recommended)’ check boxes, and so click the Add Account button

5. In the next step, prove the subsequent info related to your email account being set up:

  • In the Account description field, type-in your email
  • Provide remainder of the data as in step four
  • Click additional choices button and choose AN authentication mode
  • Provide your Username and pass
  • In the Unqualified domain field, type-in the domain name utilized in your email ID

    (Email ID: username@exampledomain.com, then domain name: exampledomain.com)

  6. Click OK

With this, you finish up configuring your email account on Outlook of Macintosh 2011. Your Emails ought to begin downloading automatically.

An Automated Way To Move Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011

Above method is only useful if you have completely technical knowledge. Non- technical users can also Move Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011 by above method but it is a very time-consuming process. So, it is recommended to use SysTools Mac MBOX to PST Converter for such kind of conversions to save your time. It can convert all Your Mac MBOX file data to Outlook PST in just a few minutes. It also provides naming convention option if you want to filter your data for moving process.


In above Post, we discussed how can someone Move Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2011 with two options. In many conditions, user wants to transfer all of his/her data from Entourage to outlook. There are certain limitations in a manual method so we also mentioned an automated way to import all Mac MBOX files to Outlook PST.

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