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How to Manage & Rebuild Mac Outlook 2016 Profiles Via Outlook Profile Manager

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When it comes to email clients, Microsoft Outlook name comes first as it is one of the most commonly used email clients. It acts as a personal information manager that manages user’s information in an efficient way. It manages emails, calendars, contacts, tasks etc and is available for both Mac and Windows. There are some features which make Outlook Mac 2016 different from Mac Outlook 2011. Outlook Mac 2016 has a more standardized look and feel and also it provides integration with OneDrive. Read to know how to rebuild Mac Outlook 2016 Profiles and how to backup Mac Outlook database.

In case of Outlook Mac 2016, performance factor has improved this is because Microsoft switched from its previous database to SQLite. Besides all this, some situations occur in which a user has to repair and rebuild the Outlook profile Mac 2016. Now, Outlook Mac 2016 user can easily repair and rebuilds the profile as Office 2016 automatically rebuilds the Outlook Mac profile if issues like Outlook data corruption occurs. This is one of the main upgrade from Office 2011 for Mac, in which user had to manually rebuild the Office database.

Location of Outlook 2011, 2016 Mac Profile

  1. For Outlook 2016 Mac: /Users/me/Library/Group Containers/123THEID.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile/Data/Messages/
  2. For Outlook 2011 Mac: /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/

Manage Profiles in Outlook 2016 for Mac using Outlook Profile Manager

In Outlook 2016 for Mac, one can manage profiles with Outlook Profile Manager. It is an inbuilt tool for Outlook Mac 2016 by using this utility one can create a new profile or delete the existing profile and much more. You can not use the Outlook Profile Manager in Outlook 2011 for Mac as it is an inbuilt utility for Outlook Mac 2016 only. Step to manage profiles in Outlook 2016 for Mac are given below:

Learn How to Rebuild Mac Outlook 2016 Profiles Via Outlook Profile Manager

Follow below mentioned steps to manage and rebuild Mac Outlook 2016 profiles via Outlook profile manager.

Access Outlook Profile Manager

  1. First, you have open the Finder menu and then navigate to Applications
  2. Click on Control, in the Applications window
  3. Now, you have to click on Microsoft Outlook and choose Show Package Contents
  4. After this, navigate to Contents and then Shared Support
  5. Now, open Outlook Profile Manager

Create a New Profile for Outlook Mac 2016

  1. Once, you have opened the Outlook Profile Manager, click on the + (plus) button
  2. Now, in the text box, you have to type a name for the new profile and then press Return

Delete a Profile

  1. To delete a profile in Outlook Profile Manager, click on the profile to delete
  2. Now, you click on the – (minus) button
  3. A confirmation dialog box will appear, click on Delete in the confirmation dialog box

Set a Default Profile

  1. In Outlook Profile Manager set a default profile by clicking on the profile to set as default option
  2. Now, click on the gear button and choose Set as default

Steps to Rebuild Outlook Profile Mac 2011

To rebuild Outlook profile Mac 2011 you just have to follow the steps given below:

1. First, click on the Turn Off Office Reminders on the Outlook menu
2. Now, you have to quit all the Microsoft Office application including Outlook and Messenger for Mac also
3. Open the Microsoft Database Utility (Default Location is Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office)
4. After that, you have to click on the identity of the database you want to rebuild
5. Click on the Rebuild option

How to Take Backup of Mac Outlook 2016 Database?

In-spite of creating OLM file in the backend the Mac Outlook 2016 also stores messages and other items such as contacts, calendars, tasks and notes as a SQLite database in the directory /Users/username/Library/GroupContainers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles folder. There is functionality called as Time Machine in Mac machine which automatically takes backup of computer files on regular basis. If a user’s file gets corrupt, damaged or lost then he/she can make use of Time Machine to backup and recover the copy of the file.

In the above post, some of the Outlook queries are discussed which Outlook Mac 2016 users face frequently. Even if you are not able to resolve your issues related to rebuild Mac Outlook 2016 profiles or backup related problems by using the manual steps and inbuilt utility of Microsoft Outlook then you can go for Mac Outlook Recovery.