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Ways to Recover Deleted Mails from Entourage

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On July 24th, 2019
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Entourage is Microsoft’s client for Mac users, which was added to Office for Mac in 2008. The email application is used to save a large number of emails, images, notes, calendars, contacts, and much more. It is exactly common to the vault that stores all valuable stuff under one place. Users may delete useless emails and may realize the importance afterward which creates a data loss situation. The way to recover deleted emails from Entourage may tickle the user mind and can result in platform change too.

One such problem that is faced by users is discussed below:

“I use Entourage as an email application on my system. While working on it I receive an attachment via email, which was virus infected and probably corrupted my database. Many of my emails got deleted. To recover Entourage emails is the only option I could do. Need a way out to get out of this situation?”

“My Entourage is having corruption as I am not able to send or receive any new mails. Do I need to change my email client application or Suggest me some technique to recover deleted emails in Entourage 2008”

The professional solution to regain the data is by using Mac MBOX Converter for retrieving deleted emails from Entourage which will be elaborated in details afterward in this section. There can be many reasons that can badly affect the Entourage database and results in data loss. Few of them are the most common causes which are mentioned below:

  1. Data Loss in case of corruption in RGE file of Entourage.
  2. Data Loss when the main identity folder gets damaged or corrupted.
  3. Corruption due to improper synchronization of data.
  4. Due to unreachable accessibility because of hard deletion.
  5. Virus Attacks.
  6. Abnormal termination of Entourage application may also be the root cause.

Method to Restore Deleted Mails from Entourage Manually

The only way a Mac user could find for Entourage recovery is using Apple’s Software- Time machine backup. To recover deleted mails from Entourage with the help of software cut ups the human effort. The software is inbuilt in your system but holds many flaws in it for repairing or regaining the emails back from Entourage. Entourage Repair & Recovery takes a lot of time in case the corruption is of high scale. Now, to recover entourage email from time machine, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1.  Choose the Finder option from the dock.
    2. Select the Application folder and run Time Machine.
    3. After that, you need to click MS User Data.
    4. Now, Click Office Identities and Main Identity option.
    5. Look for the date on which you require backup.
    6. Click Database file and then Restore ways option.
    7. Grant permission to Time Machine to the backup file.

And the process is completed.
Once the rebuilding process finishes successfully, import repaired database file into Entourage client running on your Mac machine and see if it works properly and recover Entourage emails is able to satisfy the issue.

Comprehensive Solution to Regain Deleted Emails from Entourage

Many of the users are continuously searching for the software to recover lost emails from Entourage. The demand of topic goes so frequently that we provided the manual way to recover Entourage emails for retrieving deleted emails from Entourage. But these step may not take to your destination, thus, in order to have a guaranteed solution, a professional solution is given by SysTools to recovers corrupted and inaccessible Entourage messages by first scanning and repairing the malfunctions of database files thoroughly even when database utility fails to rebuild the corrupt database. This tool is designed in such a way that it first restore deleted Mails/items from Entourage and after that export it to a different file format. With the help of Mac MBOX converter software, you can repair & recover all lost or corrupt data within few minutes from Entourage database.

Observational Verdict

The above section shows that with the deletion of emails from the email application, users face various issues. Users search various methods to recover deleted emails from Entourage. To do this we have mentioned many approaches through a manual procedure to repair and restore the file information. To retrieving Entourage emails from trash is not a tough job but if you still face certain issues in the recovery of deleted emails from Entourage then third party tool is the best solution.