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Remove Fenrir Ransomware From Computer : A Complete Tutorial


4-5 days ago, a new Ransomware attack came into this digital market named as Fenrir Ransomware. This involves usage of a strong AES encryption algorithm for ciphering system files saved on the targeted machine. Attackers demands 150 USD for revealing the decryption key to open the encrypted file. Basically, this malware encrypts system files of computer users and ask to pay certain cost for the ransom. Now a question arises that what is different in this type of attack? Answer to this question is that it does not impose a file extension to all encrypted files. Instead Fenrir Virus attack generates its own unique suffix, based upon the ID of hacked computer users. Apart from this, the attack seems to harm English-speaking persons and works with the fake instance of Adobe Acrobat Reader on PC. Thus, in the below section we are going to study in detail on how to remove Fenrir Ransomware from the computer.

How Fenrir Ransomware Attackers Demand Money?

When the files of victim’s machine gets attacked, a text file with a message gets flashed on the screen. Automatically, a program starts running notifying that ‘All Your Files have been locked’. The hacker demands for 150 USD, which are to be paid within the provided time period or before the finishing time line. A bitcoin wallet address is provided to the targeted person and attacker ask him to transfer money in it. In addition to this, there are chances of encrypted data volume copies to be deleted. Users are commanded that once the payment is completed, they will have to share their transaction ID and personal ID via email address. This address is of the hacker who have restricted one from opening files. This ransom has to be paid to the attacker so that one can remove Fenrir Ransomware Virus from the computer.

Now What to Do to Remove Fenrir Ransomware Virus??

First of all, don’t get panic! Rest following are few options that can help you in getting rid of this awful infection.

  • Don’t Pay Ransom : Don’t ever bring a thought of paying money to attackers.
  • Have System Backup : It is strongly recommended that you should take backup of your system time to time. So that if in case this attack occurs then, you can remove all encrypted files from the system and restore the backup file.
  • Eliminate the Infection : Users can utilize malware removal programs, available to remove Fenrir Ransomware virus. This will eliminate all the infected files from your system and later, you can recover data from any data recovery product.
  • Reinstall Windows OS : The only option left is to reinstall the operating system of your machine. This will give you a fresh start with creation of new files and all. Keep one thing in mind that the version of Windows should be the latest. It is so because attacks occurs mostly on older Windows editions.

Remove Fenrir Ransomware From Computer

In this section, you will find possible ways to eliminate Fenrir Ransomware from computer. Also, you can get knowledge of resetting the web browser settings. Apart from this browser technique, you are going to find Fenrir Ransomware removal from system registry without paying any money to attackers. So with a cool and charm mind, let’s begin!

#1 : Delete/Remove Fenrir Ransomware From Browser

Here, we are using Safari for explaining the procedure of resetting the browser :

  • Open Safari browser on your machine
  • Go to the General Settings of the browser to proceed
  • Now reset Safari by clicking on the Reset button

Similarly, if you are using other web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc., then, reset their settings. Here, we also want to give one suggestion that users should use latest version of the browser. This will speed up the program performance as well as enhance the web security to easily remove Fenrir Ransomware Virus.

#2 : Remove Infected Folders from System

Go through the following set of instructions to eliminate damaged folders from Windows operating system :

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys altogether to open Task Manager window on your PC. Go to Process tab and determine all the dangerous process from the list
  2. Right-click on the selected files and then locate towards their location
  3. Once all folders get opened, terminate all the processes that are infected or damaged
  4. Delete all folders from your machine, which were having those files
  5. Open the command prompt window by running it as administrator and then copy-paste the following cmdlet :
    %windrir% /system32/Drivers/etc/hosts
    Note : If machine has got hacked then, several IPs get connected to the system at bottom.
  6. If there are IPs displayed below localhost then, type msconfig and press Enter key. This will pop-up a window as result of command execution
  7. Uncheck all the unknown entries from Startup screen

Well, the name of the attacker is mostly fake. This means that you should look for the legitimate process. Now continue with following steps for Fenrir Ransomware Removal :
a) Open Windows Explorer on your machine and in the searching field, type regedit
b) Select the displayed regedit file and then hit on Enter button to launch it
c) Once you are inside the screen, press Ctrl + F key simultaneously
d) Mention the virus name, search for Ransomware in Windows registry, and permanently delete all entries.
e) You can also type following in the search field and delete all these files present in Temp :
a) %LocalAppData%
b) %AppData%
c) %ProgramData%
d) %Temp%
e) %WinDir%

Lets Sum Up!

It might be quite difficult for a normal user to remove Fenrir Ransomware from computer. Therefore, if not possible then, don’t try to execute processes from which you are totally unaware. Contact to your computer expert for tackling this attack and don’t show your intelligence by paying ransom to the attacker for Fenrir Ransomware removal. This is advised to you because doing such activity will encourage attackers in gathering as much money as they can collect from this Fenrir Virus attack.

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