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How to Restore Deleted Address Book Contacts in Outlook


We know how contacts play a very crucial role in business, and when you lose your important contacts, then this is one of your greatest deceptions. So, in this post, you will explain the best approach on how to restore deleted address book contacts in Outlook. So, if you lose your contacts in Outlook and wish to get back your lost contacts, then keep reading the blog.

Well, we know that many users save contacts, calendars, work, and notes in Outlook. But contacts are the most common ones. Also, users may save the contacts with a single click on the communications they receive.

However, users sometimes face a scenario in which they want to restore their removed contact from the address book. But this complete process relies on the way you accidentally delete your contacts. So if you have deleted your contacts normally only by using the delete button, then you may easily recover deleted contacts. But if you touch the Shift+Del button, the recovery procedure is quite difficult.

But don’t worry as in the approaching section, we will describe the manual and automatic way to restore Outlook contacts that are lost and deleted. Continue to read the sectionand choose the solution for your needs.

How to Restore Deleted Address Book Contacts in Outlook?

Well, just as you press Del, you will need to go to the Deleted Item folder for any deleted Outlook contacts. You only located the lost contacts to deleted item folder. Now to do this just follow the steps.

Note: One thing you should remember is to store removed contacts only in the Deleted Item folder for around 30 days. All such contracts must thus be recovered in 30 days. And you will not discover anything after 30 days.

1. First, start the Outlook software for your system

2. Click on the Deleted items folder from the left folder list.

3. Now search for all removed contacts.

4. To make things easy, you may use various Sorting Options.

5. Click right on the contacts you have been searching for

6. Now choose the Move option and select the other folder option

7. Select contacts from the list and click OK.

How to Restore Deleted Address Book Contacts in Outlook from Recoverable Contacts

Now you will have to search into the folder for recoverable items when your contact from the deleted item folder was mistakenly removed and you want to recover it.

In general, Outlook contacts are moved to the Recoverable Items folder for a variety of reasons. For example, if you removed a contact or any other mailbox item from the Erased Items folder, emptied the Deleted Items folder, or deleted a contact by using the SHIFT + DELETE key combination, the Deleted Items folder will be empty.

Note: This method applies only if your Exchange account is set up in Outlook

Steps to Retrieve Outlook Server Deleted Contacts from Outlook

1. First, Microsoft Outlook has to be opened.

2. Now in Outlook, choose a list of email folders from your primary mail account.

3. Click on Deleted items and then on Server Recover Deleted items.

4. Click on the Subject or Headers to sort the item to discover the particular Outlook contact from the Deleted Items folder Recovered.

5. Sort the things of the contact as you like.

6. Choose the contact you need and click on the Restore Selected Items option and then click OK.

7. After the procedure of recovering lost Outlook contacts is finished, you may view all the contacts you have erased in your address book.

How to Restore Deleted Address Book Contacts in Outlook – Smartly

Well, the above-mentioned approach is good to allow lost contacts from Outlook to be recovered. But you can only restore contacts that have been erased using the first technique and set up the Exchange’s account to utilize the second way.

Domain to Domainpurchase

If your PST got damaged heavily and Outlook not showing older emails then in such case only a single option is left to the user to go with a third-party application tool. And we display to you the most efficient tool available in the market is the SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool which is capable of resolving and fix corrupted PST files.

So the Outlook Recovery Tool is one of the greatest alternatives for you in this troubling circumstance. It is one of the best-selling Outlook Recovery software and most successful methods for recovering deleted contacts. In fact this tool is also capable to recover deleted emails from Outlook. This application actually allows you to repair corrupted Outlook PST files and recover data from corrupted PST files with this tool. In fact, this tool allows

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See how to get back lost Outlook contacts.

1. First, you must download and install the utility on your system from your official website.

2. Start the recovery program with the Administrator’s assistance.

3. To retrieve the deleted contacts, click on the Add File button.

4. Then select the Quick or Advance scan mode.

5. You will see that you are deleting files in red after the scanning procedure is finished.

6. Now you may export recovery items using this tool by selecting the Export option

7. Now, to save the produced file, select the appropriate destination place.

8. Until retrieve lost contacts from Outlook, select the Export option to the end.


As we stated before, contacts are very crucial for any business and in the event of a loss, you have face lots of difficulties. So if you are searching for a technique to get back lost contacts from the Outlook address book, then the above write-up shows us the top three ways to get it back. Go through the list and choose the best method that will resolve your query on how to restore deleted address book contacts in Outlook.

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