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Top CASBs To The Rescue For Salesforce Security

Salesforce Security

Salesforce security can be achieved through CASB solutions helping enterprises deal with cloud security challenges like cyber threats, ensuring safety for the sales professionals. CloudCodes Salesforce Security solution to protect Salesforce data.

Salesforce Security

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer-relationship-management (CRM) software, which helps enterprises in sales, marketing, analytics, and collaboration. Any cloud-based service or app in an enterprise definitely needs security so that the sensitive data does not get into the wrong hands. Cloud-Access-Security-Brokers provide so-very-efficient CASB solutions, which help enterprises to deploy a much enhanced Salesforce security cover by analyzing the data and detecting for any existing anomalies in the cloud usage. All the information fed to the Salesforce software like the creating/deleting sales leads, sales opportunities, created/updated sharing rules, contacts and downloaded reports/documents by the employees, admin and third-party applications are all accessed by the CASB vendors; thus helping the enterprises to have a detailed insight into the activity. The huge data analytics thus available are made use by the vendors to detect any cloud security threats and enables the IT admin to monitor the Salesforce data usage and respond to the suspicious threats in a timely way.

CASBs for Overcoming Salesforce security Challenges

  • Data Security Threats from Employees Who Leave Jobs: It is prevalent and possible that any employee leaving an enterprise will keep the sensitive data and plan to use it for their newly joined jobs. The sales employees may take with them the sales contacts and the information that makes the enterprises vulnerable to data thefts. Here, CASB solutions help enterprises to impose restrictions on the data upload or transfer. It identifies any abnormal user behavior and reports it to the IT admin, thus enabling them to deploy techniques to delete/encrypt/block the data being accessed. So, when an employee either intentionally or unintentionally tries to access the data that is confidential, then it inspects/identifies/reports that anomaly to the IT department.
  • Unsanctioned Third-party Applications as a Threat to Enterprise Security: Many of the employees in an enterprise add features and apps to the Salesforce software without the approval of the IT department. These third-party applications have access to all the information from the corresponding account, thus increasing the vulnerability of the enterprises. The verification and validation from the IT department are missing for the usage of such apps, but the employees usually download it to make their task easier, as a result of which, data security gets compromised. CASB solutions help enterprises to keep a check on the unsanctioned third-party apps by inspecting the network and reporting any suspicious activity thus necessitating action by the admin.
  • Security Threats Looming around Admin and Privileged Users: It is very much possible that privileged users and the admin sometimes are the culprits and can cause havoc by abusing the privileges given to them by the enterprise. Hence, it is advised that the enterprise add a security layer to check the gatekeepers as well. CASB solutions help increase Salesforce security by employing API-monitoring feature that reports any admin activities like creating or deleting accounts of users. Hence, any deletion or addition is reported for further investigation.
  • Threats from Compromised User Accounts: The employees, who are ignorant and vulnerable, are the main targets for the hackers trying to gain entry into the database of any enterprise. Login credentials are usually neglected and this is how the security of the enterprise is compromised. Also, with the advancements in tools and technology, hackers are able to crack the password and get into any system within a matter of few minutes. CASB solutions help IT admin to get alerts for such compromised accounts, wherein, the user credential is stolen and logged in. The enterprise can thus take remedial action like blocking or deleting the account or restricting access. The Salesforce event monitoring API lends information about such login attempts that helps in detecting the compromised account. CASBs can also be used to implement MFA (Multi-Factor-Authentication) to block access to the suspicious account, thereby, reducing the risks associated with Salesforce security.

CASB solutions undoubtedly add that additional Salesforce security layer to Salesforce data, thus keeping it safe and secure.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.