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Security Operations Center: Its Definition and Importance in Business Today

Security Operations Center

Learn about security operations center(s) and their common reasons to adopt them in companies these days. This will help you in realizing the value of SOCs as an important resource for security incident detection.

Users can install and enforce the best cloud data security solutions and completely follow the well-established best measures but, this doesn’t make you invulnerable. As essential as it is to achieve baseline defenses at the proper location, it is similarly (even more) important to detect the duration when those particular defenses have been leaked and answered as soon as possible. Here comes the role of a SOC or security operations center. The standard combination of antimalware products, spam filters, firewalls, etc., will help users in avoiding a large number of cyberattacks. Newly innovated threat products, procedures, and techniques regularly increase the threat landscape and might go through those defenses. This means that you have to be vigilant about the data monitoring for malicious or suspicious activities over the network.

What is A Security Operations Center?

It is a facility that assembles an information security team responsible to analyze and monitor the security architecture of a company on the current basis. The purpose of SOC is to address, analyze, and give a response to the cloud security incidents using an integration of technical solutions and a strong set of procedures. Typically, security operation centers are maintained by engineers and security analysts who have the duty of overseeing security activities. The SOC staff work together with the team of incident response for ensuring security problems and address rapidly upon new threats.

The SOC solution is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the operations that are performed over the servers, databases, networks, websites, and other systems, searching for anomalous activity, which can be indicative of data compromise or cybercrime. It is responsible to assure that potential security threats are accurately addressed, analyzed, investigated, and reported.

Top 4 Benefits of SOCs

Few companies hold resources and skills essential for effectively defending against the broad array of attacks that are occurring these days. Following are some common reasons that describe the importance of security operations centers in businesses:

  • Reduce Overall Security Costs – A security operation center is responsible for managing the entire procedure that involves monitoring of the network for malicious as well as suspicious activity. Whether you are securing an office data center, a hybrid environment, or a cloud infrastructure, the SOC helps customers in avoiding the huge investment in training and appointing an internet cloud security team. Cloud Data Security ExpertsSeveral reports for many years found that there have been an absence of IT and executives to achieve an information security system. Even if users meet and appoint a human, he or she with accurate required skills does not come at a cheap salary scale. Organizations have to invest a lot in ongoing training sessions to ensure that they stay updated with current and emerging attacks. A SOC already comprises of cybersecurity team of experts with required skills so that customers can majorly focus on developing their business.
  • Constant Online Data Security – There doesn’t exist any fix hours for the threats to occur or execute. The data monitoring process only for 40 hours a week, from Monday to Friday isn’t enough to secure online data. It is so because no one can detect the mood of cybercriminals and learn who is on their target. This clearly means that data breach incidents can happen 24*7 due to which security experts have to be available in their places. They have to monitor the activities performed on the client’s cloud platform and have to give duty on 24*7 basis.
  • Mitigate the Complexity Level – If and when a cybercrime does occur, a security operation center streamlines the attempt included in investigation procedure. It correlates the information and data from several sources. The comprehensive visibility into the network environment creates the SOC particularly matched with the simplicity of the procedure to drill into logs and forensic descriptions. This is done to address the root cause and approaches of propagation for the threat.

Use of SOCs Make The Sense

A security operations center acts as an extension of the client’s internal IT team – exploring the ability to analyze, detect, and give quick response to attacks. Use of a SOC simultaneously mitigates the large cost that is linked with the appointing and retaining of in-house security members. SOC security experts address the time consuming and complicated risks of detecting attacks and organizing security threat investigations. For many organizations, contracting with the 3rd party SOC to manage a detection and response system offers significant and clear tactical, financial, and operational benefits.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.