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SharePoint Migrator: Quick Glance at a Migration Software

Written By Ashwani Tiwari
Mack John
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Published On March 6th, 2018
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The target of any organization is to find perfect solutions to perform any migration. These companies do not take this decision lightly and take measured steps to perform any export. There are long-term plans in place and strategies that are put into practice. Some of them involve using professional solutions. There are simple utilities that can be utilised in cases of major renovations or moving complete IT infrastructure. One such simple application is the SharePoint Migrator. It is best suited for mid-level and large companies hoping to make such a big leap. There is a significant tool that has to be explored. This post mentions all the relevant aspects of the software for SharePoint migration to Office 365.

Overview of the SharePoint to SharePoint Migrator

This is a simple application which can be used to export the entire online content to a new database server. This includes sites, documents, library, lists etc. The utility maps the all items in it with other cloud-based storage services like; SharePoint, Office 365, etc. There are multiple options and features available for the same. It has a simple user interface that can work with a click of a few buttons. A complete export report is generated at the end. It contains details of a live status report in three tabs: pending, completed and in process.

Technical Specifications of SharePoint Migrator

Following are some of the physical parameters that are relevant to this tool:

Developer SysTools Group
Current Version 2.5
Price $250 (Full Version)
Size 2 MB
RAM 512 MB
Processor 1GHz
Role The application is designed for SharePoint to SharePoint/SharePoint Online migration. There are multiple options and features available for the same.
Supported Windows OS Windows 10 & other below versions

Features of SharePoint to Office 365 Migrator

Following are some of the important facilities provided by the application:

1.Support Multiple Migration: There are multiple choices for moving out data between two servers:

  • On-Premises SharePoint to SharePoint Migration
  • SharePoint to Office 365/SharePoint Online Migration
  • SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration
  • SharePoint Online/Office 365 to SharePoint Migration

2. Multiple Filters: There is an option to select between mailbox items to transfer to the output format. All it needs are the credentials and necessary SharePoint server to be installed. The application is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and earlier versions.

3. Allow Mailbox Mapping: The tool is expertise in transferring files in the exact manner as the original. There are no changes made to the information stored within. There is a facility to list all the mailboxes found in your database. The SharePoint to SharePoint Migrator allows users to drag and drop single mailboxes from source to destination location.

4. Option for User Mapping: There is a facility to export emails, tasks, contacts etc. selectively. There is an option for creating a CSV file containing details of source and destination mailboxes.

5. Multiple Migration Option: There is a facility to choose export dates, permissions and other details before conversion. There are other features available to overwrite files, folders and lots more. Each of these are optional and can be enabled or disabled according to user’s convenience.


  • Simple, basic tool to directly transfer all the files without any data loss.
  • 100% accurate results with no changes in folder structure or consistency.


  • A little over budget for a small-scale business person or a regular IT professional.


There are organizations that only prefer best and the perfect tool. They do not compromise when it comes to any daunting tasks including migration and crucial data export. They only look for professional software such as the SharePoint Migrator. These help transfer complete online site data to the new database. It is an error-free, guaranteed solution that provides accurate results. It is a simple tool that can be used by any technical or non-technical user. It is a basic application and all the relevant information corresponding to it has been explained in this post. Try to download and use the demo version for free before purchasing a license key.