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A 5-Minute Guide to Split Outlook Contact Group

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User Query

Managing a large Outlook contact group such as finding the desired contacts from the group has always been an inconvenient task to me. I have already created a separate contact group of my office colleagues in Outlook, but it is being tough to search for contacts as the list keeps growing. Could you please suggest me a convenient way to split Outlook contact group and list so that searching for contacts becomes easier for me?

Quick Tip: Try SysTools Split PST software to quickly split Outlook PST file into smaller parts. With the help of this tool you can easily divide large Outlook contact groups.

Steps to Split Outlook Contact Group

When you need to divide contact group, just follow the below-enlisted steps. It will help solve your problem of searching for desired contacts in the ever-growing list.

  • Head to the Contact pane when you launch Outlook.
  • Go to the contact folder in the navigation pane wherein the work of splitting the contact group lies.
  • Now double-click on the contact group to open it.
  • A new popup window appears and here click on the “Forward Group” button in Actions section. Choose “In Internet Format (vCard)” from the drop-down list.
  • A new window will open. In the attached line, the contact group information has been saved as a text file. Open the file in Notepad by double-clicking on it.
  • Click on View -> Status Bar on the Notepad to check the multiple contacts more comfortably. Check the line at the bottom status bar when you put the cursor at the end of one email address.
  • Place the contact list at the top of the window by removing the Contact Group and Members line. The target contacts which is to be splitted can be selected and later press Ctrl + X to cut the list names.
  • Return to Outlook Contact pane. In the Home tab click on the New Contact Group.
  • Press on Add Members in the new window. Opt From Outlook Contacts in the drop-down list.
  • In the “Select members: Contacts” window, locate the Members field in the bottom. Press Ctrl + V in the blank box next to it. The copied contacts get pasted to it by this keyboard shortcut paste button.
  • Click on OK. Next is to give a new name and for this go the New Contact Group window and click on Save & Close option. You need to type in a new name for the new contact list and save it before it gets closed.

Keep repeating the above instructions from start to end to form various groups thus enabling you to split Outlook contact group. In the end, you can delete the large contact group after all the contacts have been distributed to the smaller lists.

About Outlook Whitelist and Blacklist

As the name suggests, Outlook Blacklist refers to the blocked email addresses while the Whitelist refers to the approved email address list. It is always advisable to block spam emails from unknown resources and store only the useful contacts in the Outlook address book. This is mainly done to avoid the flood of spam and eventually Outlook getting invaded by email-borne viruses. But the use of third-party tools makes managing the Outlook email folder easy and hassle-free.

The Limitations of the Manual Methods

The manual methods undoubtedly don’t cost you a dime. But the procedure is too lengthy as observed above. The user needs to make a separate contact group each time with the continuous repetition of the steps. Also, some level of technical expertise is required in dealing with the procedure to sort out the mail folder. Any small mistake is going to cost you dear with some important information or data getting lost in the process in extreme cases.

Better Solution in the Form of Third-Party Tool

The Split PST tool is a good utility to repair Outlook with effortless ease regardless of the level of the PST corruption. It helps in sorting the mail folder and provides mechanism to split Outlook contact group into subgroups easily and conveniently without the need for technical expertise.


In the above blog, we have dealt with the method to split Outlook contact group into smaller groups so that the user finds it easy and convenient. Also in place of the manual method, the use of a third-party tool is suggested because it is reliable and safe.

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