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What Is EPS File? Adobe Illustrator Vector Based File Format


What Is EPS File?

EPS is a graphics file format extension used in vector-based images in Adobe Illustrator . The full form of EPS is Encapsulated PostScript meaning that it’s a self-contained, reasonably predicted PostScript document that describes an image or drawings, saved as a single file including a low-resolution “encapsulated” preview inside of it. Simply put, an EPS file is a PostScript program.

What’s The Purpose of EPS File?

The purpose of EPS file format is:

  • to include in other pages.
  • to be placed within another PostScript document.

Different EPS File Extensions?

Normally three types of extension are used to recognize the EPS file format:

  1. .eps
  2. .epsf
  3. .epsi

What is EPS File Format Contains?

EPS file format is a PostScript file, so it can include:

  • bitmap as well as vector data.
  • any combination of text, images, and graphics.

What Are The Advantages of EPS File Format?

The various advantages of creating and saving a file as EPS files are:

  • the file can be used without Adobe applications. You need to send an artwork to another company, and you do not know what software they are going to use? It would be a smart choice if you send the file as an EPS file.
  • bitmap images can also be saved an EPS file.
  • EPS files can be generated by using some printer driver.

Application Supported For EPS File?

You will find lots of application that support EPS file format:

  •  Adobe Illustrator,
  • Ghostscript,
  • GIMP,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • CorelDraw
  • LaTex,
  • LibreOffice Draw,
  • Matlab,
  • Evince etc.

Developer of EPS File Format:

  • Adobe Illustrator.

Extension for PC Platforms:

  • .EPS

Macintosh File Type:

  • .EPSF or TEXT


This article explained everything about the EPS file format and what is EPS file. Also explained the purpose and the different types of EPS file extensions. After reading this you will have the basic knowledge as well as some of the advanced structure of EPS file.
Sending an EPS file directly to a printer may not work every time, even though the EPS file contains PostScript data.
For more details read the manual.

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