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What is IBM Verse Mail & Understanding IBM Verse Features


A Guide to Understand What is IBM Verse

In an era where email applications have become much common among the users, IBM has come up with an innovative and exclusive service, IBM Verse. It is basically an innovative messaging app purely meant for organization point of view. Apart from providing basic emailing features, this enterprise service provides collaboration of services including cloud services, mobile technologies, analytics etc. In the following section, complete features of IBM Verse are covered to make the users understand what is IBM Verse and how is it different from other applications.

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What Is IBM Verse

IBM has designed a special application so that the employees within a particular organization can share emails, messages, calendars, social connections etc within a single interface. One of the most promising features offered by the application is analytics technology. The IBM Verse performs continuous analysis on the interest of users and prioritizes their interest.

IBM Verse Email Login
To know in detail what is IBM Verse users can get access to IBM Verse by creating an account on IBM Verse application. The free version of the application is available for 60 days during which the users can explore its features and may purchase the licensed application for further use. Once an account is created on IBM Verse, the home page of IBM Verse looks like:what-is-ibm verse-1

Interesting Features Offered by IBM Verse

Now, after knowing what is IBM Verse let us explore IBM Verse and understand its basic functions. The major features offered by the application involves:
1. Update and share Status

Like other social media applications, the users can update their status and post it on the profile. The home page associated with a profile displays the recent post or status of the people being followed by you.

2. IBM Verse Mail

What is IBM Verse Mail :The application lets the user access and manage the email account. Thus, users can use the basic emailing features using the mail feature. The emails can be managed into various folders including inbox, drafts, sent, follow up.what-is-ibm verse-2

One of the new feature added by the application is Follow Up. When any email is marked as follow up, it is marked as red or star in the follow-up folder so that the users can give priority to these mails later.what-is-ibm verse-3

3. IBM Verse Calendar
What is IBM Verse Calender: The users can maintain calendar by making entries to the appointments, events etc. Various views are provided to display the calendar event sin multiple views. The users can create any number of events and create Reminder for the events.what-is-ibm verse-4
4. IBM Verse Contacts
What is IBM Verse Contacts :The contact management feature offers to search or add the contacts in following ways:
All Contacts- It specifies the list of contacts for your profile. Under this, users can choose to search for contacts on the basis of My Contacts and My Network.

Invitations- It enlists the name of people who have invited you to connect with them over the network.

By Organization- You can search for the contacts by the name of an organization. It enlists all users or contacts from the specified organization.

Following- It allows to simply search for the contacts whom you are following

Followers- It helps to look for those people who are following you on the network.

My Groups- The users can search for a specific group to view the included contacts.what-is-ibm verse-5
5. IBM Verse Communities

What is IBM Verse Community :Keeping in mind user’s interaction with the social world, the application offers the options to manage or follow multiple communities. Thus, users can choose the communities according to interest to get latest updates:
i) I’m an owner: It lets you create new communities to bring like- minded people together.
ii) I’m a member: It lets you get updates from the communities followed by you.
iii) I’m following: It displays all the communities which are being followed by you.
iv) I’m Invited: It enlists all the communities, which have invited you to join them.
v) Organization communities: It indicates all the communities managed by your organization.what-is-ibm verse-6

However, you can also create the communities only for your organization. It helps to maintain the privacy of organization’s information.
6. IBM Verse Apps

To facilitate miscellaneous service, the application consists of section of numerous apps. The major applications offered by the application include:

i. Activities: One can easily view the assigned activities of an organization. It provides the status of completed activities, turned out activities. Moreover, users can also prioritize activities as high priority, medium priority.

ii. Files: It provides a cloud platform memory to share the files with users. The files can be further uploaded into categories including communities files, organization files etc. Thus, it keeps track of all the shared documents.what-is-ibm verse-7

iii. Meetings: It allows you to create a meeting and add 200 members to the meeting to share the common interest. So, you can either Host Meeting or Join Meeting using the unique meeting ID.

iv. IBM Verse: It serves as the cloud platform to access every feature within a single interface. All the emails, contacts, meetings etc are retrieved from the cloud and presented to the user.

v. Notebook: The users can choose to save the important notes as Notebook. The entire notebook file including title and content gets saved on the cloud platform.

vi. To-Do: Important tasks or schedules can be maintained in the To-do list, which can further be used to access the scheduled tasks.


The recently released IBM Verse application features numerous attractions, which may help the organizations to manage the employee’s communication in a better and new fashion. All the major features have been discussed to provide a clear understanding of What is IBM Verse.

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