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Learn Major 10 Cloud Computing Benefits & Its Role in Business

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud Computing Benefits For An Organization To Change Old Tradition To Store Data!

Reasons might be different but, it is true that nowadays enterprises of all levels, geographies, and industries are shifting their work to the cloud. Cloud platform adoption is rapidly increasing these days, with aim of developing the business more. Whether users are looking for SaaS (Software-as-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), predictions are same all around i.e., faster growth of workloads that are stored on the cloud and increment in the graph of total IT budget traveling towards the Cloud Computing.

A study says that 33% of the enterprises are having “full steam ahead” attitude towards the cloud services and 86% of the organizations invest at least part of the overall of budget on these cloud services. Still, there are several firms where employees demand more cloud-based software with social media, file sharing and collaboration, content sharing, and communication listing on the top of demands for cloud services.

Importance of Cloud Computing: Overview

Several factors are there that arises reason for the cloud adoption. Well, this cloud computing is a computing that is completely based on the internet. Earlier, people use programs from the setup file downloaded on PC or uploaded to the server present in a building. But, with this cloud computing users will be able to work with same application at a time via the Internet.
For example: Whenever a Facebook user updates status on the wall, he is using the cloud computing technique. You check your account balance through smartphones, it is also cloud computing.

So, in one or another way every individual is using cloud computing in their daily life. Cloud is becoming fast and normal part of our life. Limitless points are there that describes the cloud computing benefits / advantages. Every person will give different answer when he/she will be asked to tell benefits of the cloud computing in his / her life.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Benefits

Among the number of cloud computing benefits available, here we are explaining ten major of them. Continue further to read them and hence, learn the importance as well.

  1. Updated Software: While using the SaaS platform, the business will be able to access the current version of the software, just after the official release. Instant upgrades append newly arrived features as well as functionalities in the hand of workers for making them more useful and hence, productive. The updated version of the software releases quite frequently. In general, the applications get updated on their own and this leads to the update in cloud security as well.
  2. With Less Do More: The second major Cloud computing benefit is that organizations can delete the data centers size by adopting this platform. They can also eliminate the footprint of data center altogether. The decrease in the server numbers, cost of the software license, and staff numbers significantly reduces the overall IT cost without harming the capabilities of the firm.
  3. Flexible Price: In comparison to the traditional one, cloud computing costs are more flexible. Organizations only have to pay for what they use and requirements for the capacity of the server and infrastructure. For peak times, additional capacity could be provisioned and then, de-provisioned when no more need is there. However, in such scenario, traditional method demands to purchase of capacity for the time and remains ideal when it is no more needed.
  4. 24*7 Availability: This is major advantage of cloud computing due to which organizations are ready to adopt it. By constantly maintaining 99.99% of uptime, the majority of cloud service providers are capable of rendering their promised services. The connection is continuously on whenever proper internet connectivity is present. Users can get applications, which they need to use from anywhere at any time.
  5. Enhanced Mobility: Independent from the fact that where the things exist in the world, the information and programs are always available to the employees. They can collect the work anywhere through smartphones and tablets.
  6. Modified Collaboration: Here comes the business benefit of cloud computing. In this, the cloud software improves the collaboration by enabling dispersed groups for meeting virtually and simple sharing of information in the real-time via shared storage. This type of capability eliminates the time-to-market and enhances the ongoing development of the product and the customer service.
  7. More Cost Effective Solution: Because the organizations do not have to purchase any component and build them, therefore, they do not have to spend extra cost on the facilities, hardware, and other operations aspects. While working with traditional computing, these expenses were fixed along with their maintenance cost.
  8. Rapid Reduction in Expenses: During the recession or enterprise cut-backs time, cloud computing renders an affordable cost structure that limits the exposure.
  9. Flexible Capacity: The cloud storage is a flexible facility, which can be activated or go down depending on the circumstances. For instance, there is a sales promotion that may be popular. Now suppose the business wants to increase capacity to eliminate crashing of the servers and losing the sales. In this case, you can increase the capability for meanwhile and then, shrink it when no more in need.
  10. Facilitate The M&A Activity: Cloud computing adapts rapid changes so that two or more firms simultaneously works without any hassle. It is quite easy to imagine that traditional computing might demand years of applications for migrating and decommissioning the data centers before the firms run on one IT stack.

Why Cloud Computing Security Is Important?

Till now, one is aware of cloud computing benefits. But, do you know that if the things are not secured properly on the cloud then, in no time the worst thing can also happen. So, to be safe from this worst situation, cloud computing users are advised to adopt best security practices to keep data secure on cloud. For this, you can leverage for CloudCodes Cloud Security Solution. The approach provides assurance of keeping secretive information safe on cloud with CASB. It also uses data loss prevention policies, Shadow IT management, SSO, etc., allowing administrators to grow the organization while using cloud platform.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.