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3 ScanPST Alternative to Replace Inbox PST Repair Tool


Different ScanPST Alternative

Scanpst.exe is the free utility provided by Microsoft Outlook also known as the Inbox repair tool mainly used to handle the possible errors in Outlook PST files. In case of any error in PST file, a user can easily run this tool without any extra effort.

However, there are some situations in which a scanpst.exe fails. Now, the question arises, what to do if Scanpst does not work? A user needs to go for some Inbox repair tool alternative or ScanPST Alternative. Therefore, in this segment, we will discuss about the reasons for Scanpst failure and what all are the scanpst.exe alternative.

Reasons for ScanPST Alternative: Why Scanpst.exe Fails?

There are various circumstances in which the scanpst fails and make this totally free utility less efficient and reliable. Under such circumstances, users prefer ScanPST Alternative. In a simple way, we can say that the success of scanpst.exe is a completely dependent amount of corruption present in the PST file. The reasons for their failure are discussed below:

  • Recover Header Section Only
    One of the main reason of inbox PST repair tool failure is it repairs the files with low-level corruption. Moreover, if the body part of the PST file is corrupted or damaged then it will not repair PST file it only repairs the header part of the PST file.
  • Not Recover Protected PST file
    With the help of this scanpst, a user will not be able to repair the protected PST files with a password or with the data deletion. In these type of cases, inbox PST repair tool fails and a user need to look for a replacement like scanpst alternative.
  • Repair PST Files Less Than 2 GB
    Another major limitation of this utility is it does not work if the Outlook data file size exceeds more than 2 GB. Large size PST files will slow the performance or terminate the repair process in between leading to approach a ScanPST Alternative
  • Modifications in PST File Data
    When a user tries to repair the PST file with inbox PST repair tool then it can be possible that there is some modification in PST file data. Therefore, if you try to repair PST file with important data, then there will be a chance that you lost some of your important data. In that case, you may use Inbox Repair Tool Alternative.

What Are SCANPST.EXE Alternative?

When a user fails to repair PST files from scanpst.exe free utility provided by Microsoft, then there is a need to look for some ScanPST Alternative. Therefore, a user can go for any of the third-party Inbox Repair Tool Alternative available online to repair damaged PST files. Here, in this section, we will discuss the most effective tools to recover PST files through ScanPST Replacement techniques:

SysTools Outlook Recovery

A user can also use this Outlook PST repair tool as an inbox PST repair alternative to recover corrupted Outlook PST file and fix errors in Microsoft Outlook automatically. The best part about this ScanPST Alternative tool is that it restores deleted address books contacts as well as emails from Outlook.


One more special advantage of using this tool is it also provides an option to divide the large size PST file i.e. split PST. This feature will overcome the limitation of scanpst.exe that is not able to recover large size PST files. A user can easily run this Inbox Repair Tool Alternative tool on any available MS Outlook version.

PCVITA Recover Outlook

This ScanPST Alternative solution to recover PST file when the scanpst fails is PCVITA Recover Outlook, available online as Inbox Repair Tool Alternative. A user can easily use this tool to Repair damaged PST Files. Unlike scanpst.exe, it repairs any size Outlook data file without any 2 GB limitation.

As there is some loss of data after repairing in inbox repair tool, but it is not the case with PCVITA Recover Outlook. It recovers PST files without any loss of data. Moreover, it repairs even highly damaged Outlook data file.

Recovery Tools For MS Outlook

Another Inbox repair tool alternative or ScanPST Alternative is a recovery tool for MS Outlook. It overcomes all the limitations that a user encounters while using scanpst.exe to repair PST file. The major advantage of this tool is it repairs deleted and password-protected files also. It doesn’t matter whether the password is known or not.

It can easily be used as an Inbox Repair Tool Alternative to scanpst.exe because it recovers all type errors in the PST file & an effective alternative to repair pst file. Another important feature of this ScanPST Alternative tool, it also provides an option to save recovered PST file in four different file formats i.e. PST, MSG, PDF & EML.

DATAHELP Outlook PST Repair Tool

Well, there is another amazing tool available that is capable to repair corrupted Outlook data files. This datahelp Outlook Repair Tool comes with all the advanced features that like capable to recover deleted data from Outlook PST files. Support all the version of Outlook.download

Also, this tool provides you with an advanced preview mode before the recovery process. And gives you an option to retrieve the data into various file formats such as EML, PST, MSG, PDF, and HTML.

All of these tools are similar in working and provides mostly same features. Therefore, a user can any of these three, when Scanpst fails as an inbox PST repair tool alternative. All of these Inbox Repair Tool Alternative provides complete access to Outlook even when scanpst.exe fails.


Scanpst.exe is a special utility provided by Microsoft. Its main purpose is to repair PST files in Outlook. However, there are many circumstances in which it fails in repairing Outlook data.It only successful in repairing small size PST file with minor corruption only. Under such circumstances, users prefer using ScanPST Alternative. Therefore, to repair all kind of PST files, a user needs to look for the scanpst.exe alternative. Hence, to solve this issue, we have discussed three third-party tool as an inbox PST repair alternative. One can use any of them, as all of them repair all type of corruption from PST files.

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