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Bates Numbering Legal Documents – All You Need to Know!


This is going to be an informative article about bates numbering legal documents best practices along with the best PDF files numbering tool to do it.

Bates Numbering Invention by Edwin G. Bates
Bates Stamper is a “bates numbering” machine that was invented in the 19th century by Edwin G. Bates to simplify the document identification and information retrieval mechanism.

Earlier it was done with the manual process. Just imagine each page had to be manually stamped with the Bates Stamper. Pages were indexed with a four-digit sequence number. But apparently, in coming years these documents become electronic hence there is no chance for this manual method to have a stand. Now, there are tools to stamp bates in thousands of documents in a few seconds.

Now you know Bates Numbering or Stamping, is an indexing and identification method used for legal departments, businesses, and medical documents (mostly PDF documents). These are digital reference points used to identify by labeling each page uniquely in a set of documents.

Bates Numbering is highly used by legal professionals due to its high usage in the field of law. Legal documents can contain thousands of pages. To effortlessly retrieve information from these pages, Bates Numbers is a top-notch solution.

Bates numbering legal documents is accomplished by assigning identifiers such as numeric or a combination of letters and numbers. A few examples can be ID numbers, dates or company names to each PDF page. Bates Numbers are inserted in the header or footer of the pages. You can also add a prefix and or a suffix.

Now the next question arises which is the best tool to efficiently and effortlessly put bates number into legal documents that are of PDF format? It’s time I will show you how to use SysTools PDF Bates Numbering Tool.

Download purchase

Download purchase

Let’s just get it started!

How to Use SysTools PDF Bates Numbering Tool Free Edition

1-Step: Download the tool. Click on Add File(s)/ Add Folder(s).

2-Step: Enter passwords for user-protected files. You can also choose to print the resultant PDF files. You can click on Change to browse the saving location. Click on the “Next”.

3-Step: Choose to whether you want to generate bates number for pages (01, 02, ..) or in combination of files-pages (01-01, 01-02,….). Set the format and so font settings.

4-Step: Do all the additional settings if you want.

5-Step: You can preview the page or simply click on the “Generate” button.

Here Mentioned Some Features of The Software

Software designed for Used in Legal Departments, Copy Services, Attorneys & Paralegals

  • Generate bates stamp on Multiple PDF file pages at one go.
  • It can sequentially add page number in the Combination of PDF file & its pages.
  • It has a direct option to take printout after Adding Bates number to PDF File(s).
  • The tool can process encrypted legal PDF documents & add bates stamp to it.
  • Easily Add Prefix & Suffix along with the confidential text.
  • It provides numerous Formatting Options for adding Bates number to PDF files.

Bates Numbering Legal Documents (PDF) – Now Easy

Bates numbering legal documents is one of the best practices to organize, identify, and to retrieve information. SysTools PDF Bates Numberer is the top-notch software designed for the profession to give an edge to professionals working in legal offices and other businesses.