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Get to Know About One of The Best CASB DLP Solutions

CASB DLP Solution

In the world of digitization, all companies are openly adopting cloud computing technology for their regular work. But, major barrier occurs when the concept of securing business confidential data from cyber hackers, comes. Enterprises are broadly aware of all positive sides of online technology but still, corners are there where lack of cybersecurity knowledge is present. One need to update their skills with awareness of online data protection and adopt CASB DLP solutions for the same. In this post, I am going to aware readers about the overview of the importance of cloud access security broker DLP approach and suggest one of the best CASB solutions. So, let’s begin.

Role of CASB DLP Method

Keep one thing clear in mind that without adoption of cloud data loss prevention technology, it is impossible to work on digital platforms. It is so because hackers are smart enough to determine the security level appended in each user cloud service environment. Well, CASB DLP solution is a cloud-based or on-premises platform, which sits in between the consumer and CSPs. It is having its importance because of the following reasons:

  • Cloud access security broker DLP method discovers all online programs, gives immediate report on threat occurrence, monitors the license costs, etc.
  • It mitigates the online security risks through several policy enforcement degrees and data encryption techniques.
  • CASB DLP solution renders protection against the ongoing malware and threats with features like static and dynamic malware analysis, threat intelligence, prioritized analysis, and fixing of threats.
  • It enables its clients to comply with compliance like GDPR, FINRA, HIPAA, PCI, etc., in the cloud network.

Criterion to Choose Right CASB DLP For Your Business

There will be variations in capabilities of different products because cloud access security broker DLP is extremely a new technology. Interested companies can use following factors to compare CASBs available in the market and choose the one that fit their needs:

  • Application coverage breadth
  • Security Control depth analysis
  • Threat protection heuristics
  • Modes of deployment
  • Collaboration with Security Solutions
  • Cyber intelligence for online apps

Till now, you came to know about the importance of CASB DLP solution in an organization and criterion to choose the suitable one. Being the CEO of a company, I also considered all the criterion and security factors in mind to select the right CASB data loss prevention approach for my business. Among all, I found CloudCodes the best because of its professional and systematic way of delivering security to customers. In the upcoming section, I am going to aware readers about this service and let them know why I found it best among all.

CloudCodes CASB DLP Approach

The solution resolves all the cloud-based security issues in no time. It gives assurance to its clients that employees will not share business confidential data, even if they dare to do the same. Adopting CloudCodes CASB Data Loss Prevention measure enables administrator to detect potential data leakages or unauthorized accessing. It works upon four basic CASB pillars, which are mentioned below:

  • VisibilityCloudCodes renders discovery for shadow and sanctioned IT with consolidated screen to determine cloud service usage. It permits administrators to see that which employee is working with what type of enterprise data, on which device and at want time.
  • Compliance – CASB DLP solution assists with data compliance and residence, including the standards and regulations. It also identifies the cloud usage along with the risks for particular cloud services.
  • Data Security – This approach renders enforcement of data-centric security policies at the correct place. This prevents undesired activity, which is based on data classification, user activity monitoring, and data discovery that covers sensitive content.
  • Threat ProtectionCloudCodes provides 24*7 services for threat protection. It prevents accessing of business confidential data from unauthorized users, devices, or editions of program used to access cloud services.

CloudCodes Available With 2 Deployment Options

CloudCodes CASB DLP solution is available in two different options for CASBs deployment for monitoring the authorized applications. Overview of both these options is given below:

  • API Based Deployment – It enables users to define security policies, based on the regulatory and compliance requirements. This CASB DLP solution scans the data at rest on the cloud, detect violations and then, take actions. The actions are taken as per the policies defined by the clients.
  • Preventive Controls Deployment – In this deployment option, the aim is at preventing data from any violations. It prevents a cyber threat from its occurrence and immediately gives notification to user when something wrong is attempted. After this, it is the duty of respective user to take some strong action over alert for protecting business data.


Being one of the satisfied CloudCodes customers, I would like to rate the software 9.9 out of 10. All the services that are required to protect or prevent online data in a business are provided in this CASB DLP solution at an affordable price. Now, it is the responsibility of business customers to first learn their business requirements in brief and then, explain them to their chosen provider. This will help CASB DLP solution to understand their customers needs in a better manner and implement them accordingly. CloudCodes is one such solution that thoroughly understands its clients demand and accordingly, designs the security platform.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.