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Best PDF Page Numbering Software to Insert Page Numbers in PDF

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Do you want to know which is the best PDF page numbering software to insert page numbers in PDF? Are you looking for a trusted PDF Bates stamping software application? Read on as we will review an amazing tool in this post.

Page numbering in PDF is an inspensable component for any legally admissible files. 

For the user who wants to insert page numbers in PDF files, it becomes difficult to choose a reliable and appropriate software. The reason is, the legally admissible PDF files should not contain any mistakes and fully abide by the legal obligations.

To help the users with such need, SysTools has brought PDF Page Numberer from its PDF Mangement Tools Range. We will check out its specifications as well as its pros and cons. over PDF organizing.

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Software Overview

This PDF page numbering software is completely suitable for all legal necessities regarding PDF file page numbering. The most interesting feature of this tool is its compatibility to add various formatting options.

The software allows to add prefix and suffix with the page numbers. Moreover, it does not demand Adobe Acrobat installation to perform the task.


Developer SysTools Software
Current Version 4.0
Size 29.3 MB
Supported Windows OS Windows 10 and all other versions


Why Choose This PDF Page Numbering Software?

This is a valid query on behalf of every conscious user and in this segment, we will go through the reasons for opting for this application for numbering pages in a PDF.

a. Add Bates Stamp to PDF in Bulk: Users can add multiple PDF files using Add File(s) or Add Folder button and insert page number in them in a batch. You can put bates page-wise like 01, 02, 03, 04 and file-wise like 01-01, 01-02, 01-03…..02-01, 02-02, 02-03… so on.

b. Option to Add Prefix and Suffix: Prefix and suffix are an equally important part of file numbering. This tool will allow adding both prefix and suffix on the PDF files. You can also put additional text like any confidential information with bates number and set its position.

c. Choose Bates Settings: Users have full control over the Bates stamping as they get to choose the font size, font color, font style, bates position, prefix, suffix, and various other settings.

d. Encryption Removal: Even if the PDF files are encrypted, it will not be an issue for this software. Just by enabling the option to remove encryption, users can overcome this issue.

e. Simple Interface: Users will not get any chance to complain about the tool interface. The GUI of this application is so simple that anyone can operate it.

f. Standalone Software: The software does not need Adobe Acrobat to insert page numbers in PDF files. However, if users need to check the preview, PDF reader software is required.

How to do Page Numbering in PDF File

a. Download and install the PDF Page Numbering Software on your system.

a. click on Add Files to add the PDF file.

add files

b. The selected file will be shown on the software window. If the file is encrypted, choose Remove Encryption from PDF files. Also, you can choose to either save the resultant PDF file or print it. Click on ‘Change‘ to set the destination location. By defaut, the tool will save your PDF files on desktop in a folder.

remove encryption

c. After moving on to the next window, choose whether you want to generate bates for pages or for file-pages combination. Then, choose prefix, suffix, number of digits in bates number, start number, and increment. You can also add additional text and its position on the same screen.


d. Select where to place the Bates number, its font size and color, and various other settings. Now, choose the saving location for that file.


e. Here you can do all the advance settings, you can even stamp current date and additional text and position them accordingly. 

f. Now, users can see the summary of their setting and preview it also.

g. If they are satisfied, click on Generate to add the bates numbers on PDF files.

After following the above steps users can easily insert page numbers in PDF documents by using PDF Page Numbering software.

a. Apply bates numbers on multiple PDFs as per combined PDF files and pages

b. Print PDF files directly after adding PDF Bates stamp

c. Numerous page number settings to apply on PDFs

d. An easy and simple user interface for smooth navigation

Observational Verdict

Compared to the applications of the same category, this tool contains better feature and easier user interface. That is why we suggest users to choose this best PDF page numbering software to do page numbering in PDF. Considering its features and functionality, we would rate this PDF bates stamping sotware a score of 9.7 out of 10.

Commonly Asked Queries

How Do I Paginate a PDF Document?

Steps to Number Pages in a PDF File
Step 1: Download and Run the best PDF Page Numbering Software.
Step 2: Click on Bates and choose the Generate Bates Number option.
Step 3: Add PDF files to paginate PDF documents and enter bates details.
Step 4: Position the page number and browse the location to save PDF.
Step 5: Click on the Generate button to paginate the PDF documents.


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