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SysTools BKF Recovery Tool – Best Software Product Review

SysTools BKF Recovery Tool

In this write-up, we are not discussing any technical problem or occurring errors, instead, it is all about focusing on a standalone technique to restore corrupt BKF data using the best tool to repair BKF files in Windows systems i.e. SysTools BKF Recovery Tool

SysTools BKF Recovery Utility

After getting user’s reviews from different sections of the world, it has been proved that SysTools BKF Repair Tool is a standalone platform that repairs corrupted BKF files in Windows OS. It retrieves damaged Windows NTBackup files and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec (.bkf/.zip) files in a healthy state at any desired location. It provided multiple scanning modes to scan files with the software according to its corruption level (i.e. Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Range Based Scan). When it comes to the file size limitation, it provided successful recovery up to 30TB of .bkf/.zip file as it imposed no file size limitation while repairing the Windows Backup files.

With this BKF Repair utility, users can get an instant preview of all the data files with the help of its integrated viewer. It keeps the original formatting and maintained Metadata after the recovery of BKF files. The tool is associated with a wide range of features that helps users repairing backup data files in an effortless manner.

SysTools BKF Recovery Tool Benefits – Overview

SysTools BKF Repair is the software borne out because of the need as data files corrupt or damages accidentally due to several reasons. Moreover, BKF files created in old versions of Windows OS are not capable to open and view files in recently released versions of Windows OS. With this utility, users can recover and save backup files without imposing any size limitation. This recovery tool for BKF file is best adequate to handle several corruption issues.

SysTools BKF Recovery Tool is designed and developed to provide the solution of concerns regarding backup files in Windows systems. It is an advanced and updated backup data recovery solution that retrieves damaged .bkf/.zip files to the local system. The software helps to restore lost Windows backup files with its metadata and original formatting.

SysTools BKF Recovery Software gives its users the ability to retrieve inaccessible and corrupted .bkf data files in a hassle-free manner. It provided an automated scanning mode with multiple scan options such s Quick, Deep, and Range Based Scan which makes easy scanning according to the level of data corruption. Due to its capability and performance, it is no wonder that this BKF Repair Tool is widely used by IT experts, system administrators, data professionals, and other people who deal with data and its recovery processes. 

SysTools BKF Recovery Tool – Best Features

1. Supports BKF Data Recovery:

SysTools BKF Repair software can restore all the corrupted .bkf/.zip data files in Windows OS. After recovering the data from damaged BKF files, the tool saves the recovered file at the desired location in the local system. The software is capable of restoring the BKF file without any file size limitation.

2. Three Scan Options to Repair BKF Files

The BKF Repair tool is capable to recover corrupted backup (.bkf) data files in Windows that are prone to several corruption levels. It provided the following three options to scan damaged/corrupted BKF files in Windows:

  • Quick Scan: This option is applicable by default to scan BKF files which are less corrupted and does not need high scanning to be performed.
  • Deep Scan: This option is available to repair and recover highly damaged or corrupted BKF data files.
  • Range Based Scan: With the range based scan option, users can scan the selective portion of backup data and repair files in a hassle-free manner.

3. Supports NTBackup & Symantec Exec Files:

BKF Recovery tool recovers or repair data of corrupted NTBackup data files, VERITAS Backup Exec files, and Symantec generated backup files in Windows systems. As SysTools BKF Repair Tool is having a user-friendly interface so that users can execute the software without any issues.

4. Search & Preview Repaired Data: 

After the recovery of corrupted BKF files, the software will display the preview of all recovered items, and users can extract these files in a healthy state. It also provides the facility to its user to search specific items within the recovered backup data via file name or its extension.

5. Extract Recovered Items:

With this software, users can easily extract and save the recovered BKF data directly. This recovery tool for BKF file has provided two options to extract BKF file data. Users can extract files at the original location in the local system or can save the data files at the preferred provided location by browsing.

BKF Repair Software Availability

Free SysTools BKF Recovery Software: The complete setup of the product is available on the Company’s official website. Here, users just need to click on the download button and can start a free trial to check the performance and functionality of the software. However, the demo version of the tool only provides the facility to preview the extracted data.

SysTools BKF Recovery Tool Full Version: To purchase the licensed version of the software, users just have to pay a certain amount of money. Users can get the product by doing online payment through a secure gateway. It is believed and proved that spending money on SysTools BKF repair Tool is not worthless!

BKF Repair Software Software Specifications

Size – 3.29 MB

Version – 6.0

MD5 Hash Value – 20fa43e2b97cbbf83e7018ace0b1ba5e

Hard Disk Space – 100 MB of Free Hard Disk Space

RAM2 GB is Recommended)

ProcessorIntel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)


· It proved efficient while testing to recover 30 TB of .bkf/.zip files

· This Recovery tool for BKF file restore BKF files with no limitation of file size

· Extracts all the BKF data or selective files

· Multiple scanning modes available to scan corrupted files


· SysTools BKF Recovery Tool does not support Mac OS.

                             Clients Reviews

“Recently, I was working on a project with my team. There, we are required to collect data for the project from BKF files that were corrupted. So, these files are not accessible in the Windows 10 system. Then, after research, we found the SysTools BKF Repair Tool that helps us to recover data from that BKF files with the original folder structure and formatting. Thanks, SysTools for generating such smart utility.”

“Before a few days, my system got a severe virus that damages its all files and contained data. I regularly took the backup of my Windows system which also got damage and I lost my all locally saved data files. Then, one of my good friends suggested me to recover data from Windows backup files by using SysTools BKF Repair Tool. I used the tool and get back my all data files. Heart fully thanks to SysTools!”

Final Verdict

Based on the research and observation, we rate this utility 9.9 out of 10. Because of the performance and easy functionality to repair BKF files by using SysTools BKF Recovery Tool, it is really ten on ten software. As per the testing of the recovery tool for BKF file, we conclude that this BKF repair tool is a reliable and efficient automated solution to deal perfectly with corrupt or damaged BKF files.


Q1. How to recover corrupt BKF files using the software?

Ans. The software helps to recover BKF files in Windows using the software in just a few simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Download and Run the software.

Step 2: Scan or Add BKF/ZIP files.

Step 3: Preview recovered Windows backup files.

Step 4: Choose ‘Extract’ to save files in the local system.

Q2. Which of the Windows OS version support the SysTools BKF repair utility?

Ans. It supports all the versions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10.

Q3. How much time will it take to recover corrupt .bkf/.zip files?

Ans. The automated SysTools BKF Recovery Tool will take time depending upon the loading data and gives resultant files in a hassle-free manner.

Q4. How large BKF files can be recovered using BKF Repair utility?

Ans. BKF Recovery software does not impose any size limit on recovering damaged BKF files using the tool. 

Q5. How do I extract a BKF file in Windows 10?

Ans. SysTools BKF Repair tool extracts data from corrupted BKF in a healthy state by executing the tool in a similar manner for all the versions of Windows OS. 

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