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Best Technique To Repair Corrupt BKF Files Instantly And Securely

How to Repair Corrupt BKF Files

How to repair corrupted data of Windows BKF files and how to recover BKF file in a healthy state are still some unanswered questions. Therefore in this article, we are going to share some best and instant techniques to repair corrupt BKF files in a convenient way.

Before straightly going to the recovery process, let us clear first the concept of BKF files, how .bkf files are created, and how this data gets corrupted. After getting the answer to all these questions, the BKF repairing process will become easy to understand.

What Are BKF Files & Its Advantages?

BKF files are crucial Windows database backup files with .bkf file extension. These files are primarily associated with Microsoft Windows XP. Some in-built backup tools are givn by Microsoft like NT-Backup Utility, SYMANTEC Backup Exec (also known as VERITAS), etc. This software helps users to create and save the backup of database files in various versions of Windows OS. If anytime, unfortunately, data gets corrupted, or files get damaged, then this backup utility helps users to recover data from bkf files and restore important and crucial data and which has been lost. That’s why Microsoft gave these in-built backup utilities to save their users from such kind of miss happening.

What Are Corruption Reasons OF .bkf Files?

In the digital world, data corruption would be a nightmare and disastrous. Sometimes, data loss might be dangerous and painful. Let us understand the reasons behind corruption issues which generates need to repair corrupt BKF files. Data loss or corruption may cause for several reasons, such as:

  • Virus Attacks

It is one of the common reasons behind backup file corruption. Any malicious software installed in the system can infect these backup files and data gets corrupted.

  • Unexpected System Shutdown

 In this case, the file may corrupt due to the sudden power failure or system shutdown. Suppose, the user is working on backup files and the system accidentally shuts down, then opened files may get damaged and data may lose forever.

  • Crash Hard Disk

After crashing the hard disk, data become inaccessible. Such a situation is completely out of control as one cannot stop the hard disk crashing scenario.

  • Improper Backup

The interruption or any type of resistance like sudden power failure, software collision, human error, etc. during backing up the process may lead to the data corruption issue. So, while backing up the data, the user must regularly check if the process is run smoothly or not.

There are some major reasons mentioned above that can cause database corruption issues. Users are generally used to back up their crucial data to prevent themselves from corruption issues. But what to do if these backup files are also get corrupted? In the next section, I would also share the solution to recover data from BKF files.

Manual Method To Repair Corrupt BKF Files

  • First of all, Open the folder containing NTBackup.exe.
  • After that, a message will pop up as a “Removable Storage Service”. Click on the OK button.
  • Next, A new window “Welcome to Backup or Restore Wizard” will open. Select Next tab.
Welcome to Backup or Restore Wizard”
  • Select the “Restore Files and Settings” option. Click Next.
Restore Files and Settings
  • Next, Hit Browse. Click the .bkf file to repair BKF file. select OK to get Windows backup recovery files.
select OK
  • Expand from the left pane and choose the desired files/folders & Click on Next tab.
desired files/folders
  • Hit on Advanced tab and so that the user can specify the location to save the backup file and then choose Next tab.
Advanced tab
  • Next, Click the Restore options.
  • Then, Hit on Finish tab once the process of restoration is complete.
 Hit on Finish tab

Limitations OF Manual Method

  • Only minor damage is suitable to repair problems
  • Slower and more boring process.
  • It will work when ntmsapi.dll and vssapi.dll appear in the file system.

These manual steps to repair BKF file have some limitations as seen above. Therefore, to avoid such restrictions, users can use any other automatic solution to recover corrupted or damaged BKF data files.

Automatic Solution To Repair Corrupt BKF Files

To avoid all the limitations found in the manual process of BKF file recovery, users can use professional third party i.e, SysTools BKF Recovery Tool automated solutions for a quick and hassle-free recovery process. It is sufficient enough to open and recover corrupted data from .bkf files. The Utility is popular and widely known because of its trustworthiness and efficient working to restore BKF files. It is built with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Users can easily repair and open corrupted data from .bkf file by using smart utility. It enables users to recover BKF file in just a few clicks.

The working steps to recover data from bkf file are given below:

1: Download and Lunch Software

BKF Repair Software Download

2 : Click on the “Scan File” tab to add and scan corrupted .bkf file into the software.

add/scan file

3: Next window will show 3 Scan Options i.e. Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Range Based Scan.

Scan Options Scan Options i.e. Quick Scan, Deep Scan

4: Next, Preview Recovered BKF file data File

Preview Recovered BKF

5: Select on the ‘Extract’ tab to extract files.

Extract options

6: After it, tool will show the report of all extracted items along with the path where it has been saved.

report of all extracted items


BKF data files are the most crucial backup files that can be used to recover BKF file that have been lost due to various reasons. In this blog, we have discussed recommended and reliable methods to repair corrupt BKF files without any difficulty. Manual processing has several limitations and risks of serious data loss. So, It is highly recommended to use professional Solution Windows backup Software, which helps the users in the fast & easy recovery process.

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