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Enhance Business Agility And Productivity By Cloud Security Alliance IAM

Cloud Security Alliance IAM

Thinking about the trade-offs in between security and productivity is common among enterprises executives. Information security is a crucial thing for an enterprise while allowing employees to work on computers. In such case, cloud security alliance with IAM solutions comes into need for businesses to enhance their productivity. These measures protect organizations from incidents like data breaches.

In this article, you are going to find 4 major IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions present under the cloud security alliance. This helps in consuming time and provides users a smooth access and control, which is needed to work with the online resources.

Cloud Security Alliance Provisioning

The cloud provisioning tools speed up the work of new employees by permitting them to use correct resources, databases, and applications that are required for their job. Whenever they switch their jobs or get promoted to a higher designation, the tools provide them instant and accurate access to new online resources. If the provisioning settings are done in a correct manner then, it will help in reducing the time that gets wasted in ‘request and approval’ to acquire resources.

There is one more benefit of using a provisioning system that it yields a high ROI. This is applicable when virtual team members, consultants, and ‘onboarding’ contractors are paid thousand dollars per day or more.

Because of the large implementation timing and rigid role-type definitions, the old cloud provisioning tools gave up some of the productivity gains. However, cloud security alliance with IAM fixed this problem rapidly. It happened because of the fast configuration for working with the system applications or platforms, requiring minimum custom programming and maximum flexibility. This helped in growing the efficiency and places the enterprise under control. All the things are carried away by ensuring each and every action related to provisioning that involves several accessing request. Each request is notified by an accurate, unified, and enterprise-wide view of the security policies and data.

Cloud Security Alliance: Self-Service Fulfillment

This point in the cloud security alliance with IAM saves lots of time. It directly eliminates the waiting hours for the IT staff members or administrators to approve the request permissions. When the automated IAM solutions give permissions to access resources they can work with it, without waiting for anybody. In order to rapidly execute the provision related actions, users can also take help of line-of-business managers. IAM techniques make the self-service procedures more effective by rendering an interactive ‘shopping cart-like’ GUI to request the data access.

Cloud Security Alliance: Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO is one of the most widely used cloud security alliance with IAM techniques. It enables organizations to give employees permission to access new technology solutions in a faster way and with few risks. The value of SSO increases when enterprises provide more cloud-based SaaS and mobile-based programs to confront users with barrage login procedures and variations in passwords.

By using the technique of SSO, a single password permits accessing of several cloud-based or corporate resources and programs. Administrators need to devote their less time to log in. The combination of SSO with the self-service password virtually wipes out the IT assistance need while resetting the forgotten passwords.

Cloud Security Alliance: Content-Aware Security

It is a model to provide a real-time security decision. This decision will be dependent on the total number of risks associated with several pieces of data protection information. Cloud security alliance with IAM makes use of this model for deciding all the controls that need to be applied for accessing the ‘circumstances changing’ requests. This security parameter empowers the firm by providing the employees several options regarding their work with different applications. The Content-aware security gives assurance to the end users that no confidential information will be leaked. It scans the email content and if something fishy (according to the firm policy) is found then, it restricts users from sending the mail and gives notification to the administrator as well.

CloudCodes Works With All IAM Techniques

Identity and Access Management regulates the accessing of several resources within the enterprise. This is done by using password policy, IP restriction policy, and other things. No doubt that cloud security alliance with IAM provides a complete control over the machines. But, things get complicated when the work burden increases with cloud information security. To release this burden from enterprises shoulder and enable them to focus on growth, CloudCodes team comes into the existence. They delivers following advanced methods to keep your cloud data safe:

  • Use an individual console for provisioning / deprovisioning users
  • Implement password policy on a certain set of defined rules
  • Activate Multi-factor authentication via secretive questions
  • Append biometric authentication for authorized account access

Apart from all these, CloudCodes IAM Solutions render several advance technique that reduces the chances of Cyber threats.

“Organizations can spend their time on more on thinking ‘how to grow business via trending cloud computing technology’. And give all the burdens of cloud data security to CASB services.”

As an Author, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 6 years and he is now working as a Cloud Security Expert & Technical Writer.