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Cloud vs On Premise Debate Is Still On!

Cloud vs On Premise

Enterprises need to evaluate on the Cloud vs On Premise software before deciding on the appropriate one for their work environment.

Debate on Cloud Vs On Premise Applications and Software

Cloud technology offers superfluity of benefits and advantages to corporate entities if security challenge is properly addressed. In a similar way, the on-premise software is advantageous under certain circumstances that may not be derived from the cloud. Cloud technology is being embraced by most firms all over the world due to its myriad benefits. However, security of sensitive data is a serious issue for those wanting to shift their entire data over cloud. On the other hand, the on-premise software is secure in the sense that it remains within the official boundaries but has some disadvantages as well in the form of it is not so flexible and mobile like the cloud services. In such scenarios, most firms must weigh the pros and cons of cloud vs on premise technology before deciding on any one of them. The question on everyone’s mind is the option they need to take on a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution or on-premise application.

Coming of Cloud Technology

Most of the enterprises, today, use cloud technology in one form or the other. Organizations spend nearly two-thirds of their total cloud expenses on SaaS apps. The preferred enterprise applications for spending include the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and content management apps.

On-Premise Software is Preferred over Cloud in Some Scenarios

Some situations demand that on-premise software is the best bet over cloud technology. And the fact cannot be negated that enterprises still run less than half of their workloads on cloud. Thus, the rest of the data is processed on-premises, because it has its own advantages. Now, it is up to the enterprises to gauge the pros and cons of both and select the pertinent one for each individual task. The transparency and visibility features are to be matched with the speed and scalability before deciding on the relevant technology for their job.

Aspects to Be Considered and Weighed in the Cloud Vs On Premise Debate

  • Cost Aspect: Cloud technology offers excellent monetary benefits and the reason is that the SaaS service requires only a subscription fee either monthly or annually instead of a collective onetime fee. This keeps the operational costs of the enterprises low, which is an attractive proposition for the enterprises. Also, when they migrate to the cloud technology, it decreases the burden of having to maintain the data on-premises; thus reducing the support staff and additional hardware/software that would be necessary. Having said that, when enterprises evaluate the total expenditure on SaaS apps over a period of time, it turns out to be costlier than the onetime purchase of licensed customized on-premise software. And it happens that since the SaaS applications are easily available, the enterprises unnecessarily spend on apps that might not be really purposeful in the long run. Thus, finally, enterprises end up with supplementary staff, money, and effort in audits and cost optimization tools for the unnecessary SaaS applications.
  • The Aspect of Flexibility: While it is true that SaaS applications are cheaper than the on-premise software, still they do not provide all the necessary features required by the enterprises. The firms may need to pay more to purchase a customized option and some may need the help of third-party service providers to design the custom job. So inevitably, enterprises risk a compromise and will have to make do with the available cloud software.
  • Consider about Deployment: Any SaaS app can be started as soon as it is installed and this helps the enterprises to keep pace with the competitive and ever-evolving technology market. But the obvious peril of this is the rise of Shadow IT. Now, since, a SaaS app is easy-to-use and available freely on the net, the employees download apps of their choice without the prior approval of the IT department leading to a risk of data threat. Thus, enterprises need to have all the security control tools in place when dealing with SaaS applications.

Cloud vs On Premise! The debate continues! Cloud offers better rewards when it is the matter of increased process, scalability and work-flexibility. If security is taken care of adequately by CASB Solutions, then enterprises can surely opt for cloud technology wherever necessary.

As an Author, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 6 years and he is now working as a Cloud Security Expert & Technical Writer.