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CloudCodes Solutions – The Best CASB Vendor In UK For IT Users

Best CASB Vendor

Cloud Information Security keeps IT protection pros active at night and for beneficial cause – between individuals using unsanctioned cloud apps and mishandling records even in approved arenas, the cloud computing security is the biggest challenge. Here comes the major role of cloud access security brokers solution who acts like a priest for its consumers. A CASB software enables the IT department to monitor operations on online service and enforce centralized access controls for ensuring that cloud service is utilized securely. It is an estimation given by Gartner that in coming few years, 95% of Cyberthreats will occur due to the customer mistakes, rather than the failure in CSP security. It’s time to choose the best CASB vendor.

Just Think Like A Normal Business User Point of View

Being a person from the IT domain, I will describe my perspective as an executive of this domain. An individual role in a business is like an engineer, software developer, SEO executive, and others in the field. The education of IT industry people hardly comprises of any subject that provides knowledge on cloud computing and its security. Either workshops or internet are the only sources to learn about online data protection at basic level.

I am also an individual who had done engineering and is now owning an IT firm in UK market. Things are smooth for me when I have to deal with the concepts regarding software, programming, computer language coding, etc. But with the change in time, I found that new technology of cloud computing rapidly spread among users. From a small child to an old person, everyone is working with cloud either for personal or official purpose. To stand in the market competition, I also adopted a cloud service in my business. I updated my knowledge regarding this technology through different web sources and was able to provide security to my business data at basic level. But, the major risk came when the advance cloud data protection platform was needed. Day-by-day it was getting tough for me to secure enterprise content from today’s threats like Pony Loader, Ransomware, etc. Due to this issue, I was unable to properly focus on my actual business work. Then, I decided to spend my finance on CASB provider who takes the responsibility of protecting my business vital data. I googled for the same and found several best CASB vendors on the list. Making selection of one suitable solution was extremely difficult! Since it was about my business data security, I dedicated time in taking trial of each and every CASB service provider’s demo version. During this time duration, I tested around 5 top CASB vendors of UK and finally chosen CloudCodes!

Best CASB Vendor – What’s Different In CloudCodes?

The astonishing thing that I found in CloudCodes CASB Solution is – it provides all the security standards that are required to secure a business content. Since I had adopted Google for Work as cloud service provider in my enterprise so, I am working with CloudCodes for G Suite Security service. It benefits me with all cloud security policy as a feature, which is required to safeguard online data from trending cyber attacks. A consolidated gControl product is offered by CloudCodes to render overall protection in Google Apps for Work environment. A protective ecosystem is created through the help of granular controls and data visibility on secretive records.

The admin is provided with complete control over employee behavior while working in the business network. There exists one feature in CloudCodes, which make it the best CASB vendor from the existing ones i.e., Consumer Gmail Block. This functionality restricts employees of your firm to work with their personal Gmail ids. No one in the corporate network will be able to use their own account for personal stuff. If someone tries to login into the personal Gmail profile, he or she will automatically get logged out from his / her account. Also, an instant notification will be sent to administrator to aware business authorities from such kind of access in workstation.

CloudCodes Provides What All Is Needed

CloudCodes CASB solution enables feature to enforce Google password policy, Google Apps password expiration policy, identity management system, access controls, etc. All the things that a Google Apps for Work user might require for cloud security, are present in this CASB solution provider. I found this solution the best CASB vendor among all available in UK marketplace. In fact, I would say that it is the best security service provider worldwide!

As an Author, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 6 years and he is now working as a Cloud Security Expert & Technical Writer.