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Convert Multiple JPG to Docx On Windows 10 | Introductory Guide

Convert Multiple JPG to Docx on Windows

Want to convert multiple JPG to Docx on Windows 10, but didn’t know from where to start. Well, today’s blog outshines a quick solution to convert multiple JPG files to the Docx format.

Moreover, we will undergo and take a look at the manual and automated method for good. Afterward, we will highlight the working of both solutions. So, without much a hassel here let’s dive right into it…

Why choose Docx Format Instead of JPG Files

Here’s a quick look at both formats for doing the job:

Microsoft Word: With the prominence of Microsoft Office, The word Docx and Doc format is a good choice conveying records. They are relatively compressed and unlike PDF format, it can be re-edited on any platform which permits Docx format to access records.

JPG File Format:  The JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file format is a commonly used method of compression and digital images. The process of compression reduces the visible colors from images to decrease file sizes.

It depends upon the situation, you want the document easily accessible or you want standard images with low quality. Let’s take a look at how to convert JPG files to Docx format with ease.

Convert Multiple JPG to Docx on Windows 10 | Manual Approach

Google Drive comes out with multiple features that allow a user to convert their any files to the Docx format for good.  Some of the steps listed below to convert multiple jpg files to Docx let’s check out them.

1) Open your default “browser” and select “Google drive”.

2) Upload your files to the G-drive by clicking on “File Upload”.

3)  Made a right-click to the desired file and select “Open With”

4) Choose “Google Docs” and continue.

5) Now click on the “File” tab and select  “Microsoft word Docx”.

6) Once you click on the download button the “file conversion” will start and save the files.

JPG to Docx Converter Software For PC | Automated Approach

We are here with the most secure and easiest way to convert multiple JPG to Docx on Windows 10. The solution is SysTools Image Converter Tool that allows users to convert multiple image formats to DOCX, HTML, Text (base 64), and PDF format.

Moreover, It is the best image converter tool for Windows containing endless features that can maintain the quality, allows to re-arrange the added files, consist of multiple filters, and much more. Although using this tool doesn’t require any technical background. One can easily use the software to convert multiple images.

How to Convert JPG File to Docx | Step Wise Guide Automated Approach

1) Install and download this utility by using the link mentioned below.


2) Click on the Add Files or Add Folders from the given dashboard.

3) Select the Move up and Move down button to re-arrange the added images.

4) Now click on the Change button to select the destination to save the converter file.

5) The software will Scan and Preview the added files. Click Next.

6) Next step is to select the File Format in which you want to convert the data.

7) Now select the Docx Page Filter and Docx Settings as per your requirement.

8) Simply click on the Convert button to start the conversion process.

9) Conversion process will start automatically. One can view the conversion process in the conversion progress bar.

10) Click OK when the process gets completed.

11) Move to the Designation Folder and access Docx format.

So There You Have It:

Users have both the manual and automated approach to convert multiple JPG to Docx on Windows 10. Both the methods are enough efficient to convert image formats, but it always depends upon the data size. If users have large data and looking for a safe and secure method then automated utility is an ideal solution.