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How to Convert Tiff to Word Document – Know Here

Written By Siddharth
Mack John
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Published On November 17th, 2023
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Most businesses prefer using Word documents to work on their data, the primary reason being word document is easy to work on it. If you have a tiff file image on your computer or someone sends it to you, it is a tough task to open it on Word. That’s why this becomes a common query to convert tiff to word document. 

If you want to edit photo text in a file with a .tiff extension, then, you have to convert it to a word document format. Another reason to change tiff to a word document is to save size and file type because word files consume less space than graphic files. 

Convert Tiff to Word Document – Conventional Method 

  • Open MS Word on your desktop.
  • After this, copy the selected tiff image which you want to convert.
  • Go back to the MS word document and paste the tiff file image.
  • At last,  go to File > Save option & save image. 

Limitation of Manual Technique

The Above mentioned manual procedure is capable to convert tiff to Word document. But there are some limitations of this solution which can create some issues in between and after this process. 

  • You can only convert a single image at once because if you select more than 1 image, the orientation of the file will get corrupt.
  • There is no option available to customize the process.
  • There is no bulk option available to convert multiple images at one time. You have to convert every single image one by one. 

Perfect Procedure to Convert Tiff Image to Word Document 

The above-explained solution can easily change tiff image files to Word documents. But this solution has some drawbacks like there is a huge risk of misaligned images & much more which is mentioned above.  

We provide you with the best solution to convert this easy task into the easiest, Image Converter Software for Windows to convert Tiff files to Word documents. This tool can convert tiff images in bulk while maintaining the image orientation. 

Step by Step Instruction to Convert Tiff Image 

  • Download & Install the software into your device.

  • Then, select images by clicking on Add file button.

  • After this, you will get a preview of your selected files.

  • Select the export file Format to export images.

  • After that, you will get a display of advanced settings. There are multiple features you can select as per your need.

  • At last, click on Export button to start the converting process.

This software not only helps you to convert Tiff image file into Word document, but it can also convert Tiff file to BMP, PDF, DOC, HTML, Text, etc.

Final Words 

In this technical write-up, we talk about the solution to convert Tiff to Word document. Here we talk about the manual and the automated procedure, the professional technique executes this process to change tiff image files to Word document. Because manual procedure contains some drawbacks. So, we suggest you go with the automated solution for a reliable and hassle-free procedure.